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Sometimes photography is all about opportunity. This shot by Kelly Headrick won the expert vote in July's Freezing Movement assignment. "The surfer is a fast-moving subject but the moment is captured in a perfectly frozen frame, which is what this challenge is all about," our expert judge said. Here's how Kelly captured that moment...

"The photo was taken in March when the waves are big here on the north shore of Oahu. There are so many great spots to see the huge breaking waves here. On this day the waves were on the small side. I had gone to Banzai Pipeline with friends to shoot empty waves, which I usually prefer to photograph, while they surfed.

Since the waves were not too big, all these young kids were out surfing and it was very crowded. It was pretty much impossible to shoot an empty wave. This young surfer was really doing a great job and he caught my eye. I don't normally bother trying to capture a surfer in motion since it's tricky to get the right exposure, but since I couldn't shoot what I came for I thought I'd try to capture this great kid surfing at world famous Pipeline instead!

For post-processing I played around in Lightroom, adjusted lighting and contrast, added some vignetting and desaturated the color slightly."

You can see more of Kelly's work here, here, and here.

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