Photocrowd member spotlight: Interview with Lucia Tieko

© Lucia Tieko

The images of top Photocrowd user Lucia Tieko are among the most loved by Photocrowd experts and voters. We spoke to Lucia to find out more about her and her photography.

How did you first get into photography?

My first contact with photography was in my early twenties when I enrolled on a darkroom workshop. The moment I placed the paper in the developer tank and saw the images popping up, I was totally hooked. It wasn't just a chemical reaction for me, it was like magic. After working in Marketing for many years, I was desperately in need of a change, so in 2014 I went to London for some photography workshops and started a Pg Photography course at London College of Communication.

© Lucia Tieko

There is a lot of cultural diversity in your pictures. What role does travel play in your photography?

Traveling to other countries takes me out of my comfort zone. It allows me to learn about different cultures and see places that are visually stimulating. I do enjoy interacting with the locals, seeing how they live, how they dress, what they eat. I love the freedom of being on my own in places where many times I need no words to communicate with people. It makes me a better person as I am constantly learning to accept the different and am a better observer of human behaviour. It also makes my work more dynamic as I photograph people, food, landscapes, street scenes... many things.

© Lucia Tieko

Is there a particular place or country that you've enjoyed photographing above others?

First of all, I love England, especially London. At the moment, I'm travelling around Vietnam for the second time and will be visiting Cambodia again very soon. These are my favourite places so far!

© Lucia Tieko

Is there part of your photo equipment that you consider essential?

My BlackRapid strap is absolutely essential, I bought it when my shoulder tendon was partially ruptured some years ago. It really makes all the difference, it is much more comfortable carrying my camera around with this strap attached to it, not to mention the fast access it allows to my gear. This accessory is simply fantastic! Mine needs to be replaced and I'm going to buy another one very soon.

© Lucia Tieko

Are there any particular photographers or visual artists that you take inspiration from?

There are so many great photographers I love. To mention a few, Robert Doisneau and his unique sense of humour, Jay Maisel and his colourful and vivid images and Bob Holmes for his beautiful and inspiring work, as well as the elegant work of Fan Ho.

© Lucia Tieko

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