Behind the lens


Rising Photocrowd talent, Ishika Alim, takes us behind the scenes of her stunning image 'Self', and explains the story behind it.

"For a person as sensitive as me, it wasn't easy to adapt to a world that wasn't filled with equally sensitive people. If I couldn’t do anything to make things right, I’d find a way to escape — through books or music. But eventually I learned that I had to manage the sensitivity and find a way out to vent if I was going to thrive and be happy. And that's where photography came into the picture.

I no longer escape, I vent through my camera, just like a writer does with his writings, a poet with his poems, a singer with his voice. I don't know what message the photographs deliver to the viewers, but they have totally different meanings for me.

This particular photo 'Self' is sort of a 'self expression'. Being a girl in a developing country does not leave you with much choice to go on the streets with your camera to shoot. So most of my photographs are inside the four walls of my room. I try to bring something new every time with the set up and try to stage a particular moment, thought or feeling. This photo is a compilation of 12 images. It's called the 'Breninzer Method', taken with self timer and a tripod."

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