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Beneath a Steel Sky – 16 Incredible Storm Images

As the seasons turn, expect dramatic skies and temperamental weather. We look at some of the best images of storms from our Photocrowd photographers

‘Sunset in the Lake After Storm’ by George Papapostolou, Nikon D610, 16-35mm, 1/3sec at f/16, ISO 125

‘Barn Storm’ by Mark Duffy, Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III, 28mm, 1/125sec at f/5.6, ISO 500

‘Tuscan Storm’ by Ian Williams, exposure unknown

‘Storm in Coming’ by Sigita Playdon, Canon EOS 6D, 17-40mm, 19sec at f/16, ISO 100

‘The Storm’ by James Fraser, exposure unknown

‘Life’s Storm’ by Toni Kahnke, Nikon D610, 28-300mm, 1/2sec at f/3.5, ISO 100

‘Last Swim Before the Storm’ by Maria Mercer, exposure unknown

‘Cotwolds Hidcote Lanerain Storm’ by Just Click’s, Nokia 6700s, 5/25sec at f/2.8, ISO 100

‘Storm Over Grass Island’ by Elena Parakeva, exposure unknown

‘The Light’ by Andrew Davey, Nikon D750, 16-28mm, 8secs at f/2.8, ISO 100

‘On Its Way’ by Nick P, Fujifilm FinePix HS10 HS11, 10.5mm, 1/550sec at f/5.6, ISO 100

‘A Storm that Walked on Legs of Lightning’ by Andreja Strmecki, Canon EOS 550D, 18mm, ISO 100

‘The Road Less Travelled’ by Rwjordan, Canon EOS 60D, 10-22mm, 1/15sec at f/6.3, ISO 125

‘General Cut’ by Miguel Martins, exposure unknown

‘Before the Storm’ by Maxime Sacré, Canon EOS 500D, 18-50mm, 1/200sec at f/6.3, ISO 400

‘BnW’ by Anastassia Volkova, Nikon D5100, 42mm, 1/250sec at f/8, ISO 140

If you have any words of advice for shooting storms, let us know in the comments below.

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