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Down on the farm: 18 agricultural photography delights

Farm photography can serve up all manner of genres: landscape, animal, architecture, documentary and more. And, adding to the diverse nature of this subject is the ability to capture the different stages of a farm's life cycle throughout the four seasons. Here are 18 fantastic examples of agricultural photography taken by members of the Photocrowd community.

'Cows' by Christian Kieffer

'Sowing' by Jackie

'Collies taking a break' by Andrew Hocking

'The farmer' by piet flour

'Feeding time' by Spencer Grant

'Sowing fields' by Mark Eden

'Wooly jumper' by Amanda Hawes

'Rapeseed flowers fields' by Pamela Liu

'Landini L55 1950' by bilgraf

'Fertilizing the Ranunculus' by David Brownell

'Farmland' by Alexander Schitschka

'Life Of Buffalo Herder' by Saurabh Sirohiya

'Brrrrrr!' by Stuart Ashley

'Standing out' by JFPimages

'Down on the farm' by Ian Bonnell

'Palouse Farm Horse' by Alan Haynes / PhotoCitizen

'Morning autumn storm' by MaryHulett

'Monsters in the night' by Verity Milligan

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