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Literary feast for the eyes: 13 book photography gems

A person's book collection can be amongst the most treasured items in their possession. We thought we'd combine the arts of photography and literature to shine a light on 13 fantastic bookish delights shot by members of the Photocrowd community.

Untitled by dagmar.luhring

'Old memories' by Helen Maloney

'Library of Betliar' by Glen Gebert

'Prague books - the tunnel to knowledge' by Pavel Pesek

'Books and more books' by fcrocha

'Old books' by HansL

'Wonderful world of books' by Anastasiya Kushnyr

'The hipster in the bookshop' by artistrob

'An apple a day' by Karen Cotter

'The pleasure of reading' by Yvonne Sandiford

'Curve of books' by Chris Hall

'Residents on the move' by Pete Baker

'Autumn colours' by iz.e

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