Roundup of the best 5 photography videos of the last 2 weeks

Welcome to a new feature on the Photocrowd blog! Starting today, every two weeks we will be sharing our favourite photography videos from the previous two weeks.

If you want to send us your own photography video, or a video that you found online and think is fantastic, just email Anna on We can't wait to see your suggestions!

And so, without further ado, here's our first selection:

1. Flo

This is a short documentary about Flo Fox, a remarkable photographer who, despite her blindness, multiple sclerosis and lung cancer, continues to document life on the streets of New York through photography. (Warning: contains explicit nudity, possibly not safe for work or children.)

FLO from Riley Hooper on Vimeo.

##2. One inch from Vladimir Putin In this fascinating feature from CNN Platon, the photographer behind the famous Time magazine image of Vladimir Putin talks about the experience of photographing the Russian president. How does one get at ease with one of the world's most powerful and intimidating men? Well, apparently, all you have to do is mention The Beatles.

##3. Roger Ballen on Photography Enigmatic South African art photographer Roger Ballen, who for forty years has been capturing what he refers to as 'theatre of the absurd', discusses his approach to photography and art. Watch for the mysterious, unsettling and haunting images.

##4. Shooting Through Windows A very good and straightforward tutorial from Gavin Hoey on how to get the best results when shooting through windows and glass.

##5. The Revisit: Mick Rock and the Nikon Df A great Nikon-sponsored interview with the legendary music photographer Mick Rock, who worked with the likes of Lou Reed, Syd Barrett, Queen and David Bowie in the 1970s.

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