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Instagram Friday 4: cool reflections, birds and scenic mountains

Cool reflections, birds and scenic mountains in this week's Instagram Friday.

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Member spotlight: Dan Beinart tells us why he loves his mirrorless camera, and more!

Photocrowd winner Dan Beinart talks about the virtue of stubbornness, what he learnt from Cartier-Bresson and why he loves his mirrorless camera.

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14 secrets of successful street photography by expert Paul Bence

Professional photographer and Photocrowd member Paul Bence is our Expert Judge for the current Street Photography contest. Paul has over 10 years of experience under his belt and some breathtaking imagery to show for it. Here he shares with us his top tips for how to take great photos on the street.

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8 tips for successful pet photography by Sophie Gamand

Sophie Gamand, the photographer behind the hugely popular Wet Dog series and Photocrowd's Expert Judge in our Pet Portraits contest, shares her ABC of pet photography.

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Instagram Friday 3: punks, building cranes and bugs

Punks, building cranes and bugs in this weeks's edition of Photocrowd's Instagram Friday.

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Member spotlight: Sarah Wyld talks darkrooms, digital and photographing Bob Dylan!

In this week's member interview with Photocrowd members Sarah Wyld talks about the discipline of the darkroom, the frustrations of going digital and photographing Bob Dylan.

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Expert judge Sue Barr on the challenges of photographing Italian motorways

Sue Barr, one of Photocrowd's Expert Judges, on the purpose and challenges of photographing Italian motorways.

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Instagram Friday 2: seagulls, lettuce patches and wintry roads

Seagulls, lettuce patches and wintry roads in this week's edition of Photocrowd's Instagram Friday.

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Member spotlight: Katie Dix talks about the shot that got her into photography, plus more...

Photocrowd winner Katie Dix talks about the shot that got her into photography and how trial and error are the best way forward.

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Member spotlight: Cathy Cooper talks about little Cyclops cameras and more

We continue our series of interviews with Photocrowd members. Here Cathy Cooper talks about her love of little Cyclops cameras, poetry-inspired photography and how Photocrowd helped her work get accepted for an exhibition.

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Three ways to break the Rule of Thirds by Mike Betts, Photocrowd co-founder

This month’s Photocrowd Assignment – Going off-grid – challenges you to deliberately break the Rule of Thirds. And with good reason! Photocrowd co-founder Mike Betts discusses ways to approach it.

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Get your Instagram photos featured on our blog

Photocrowd embraces mobile phone photography.

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7 questions for Photocrowd's first-ever winner, Chris Miles

We're launching our new blog with an interview with Chris Miles, in which he talks green printing, his love of Saul Leiter and how Photocrowd helps his motivation.

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