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Aquatic Bugs

Part of Luminar Bug Photography Awards 2020

Open Judging Results

The ‘Aquatic bugs’ category covers those invertebrates that either live in or on water, or are dependent on water for their lifecycle. These include pond skaters, water measurers, water boatmen, water treaders, crayfish, crabs, jellyfish, shellfish, and octopi.

Water snails, dragonflies, mayflies, stoneflies, mosquitoes or water beetles should not be included here, but in other categories. However, you can include their larvae in this category, as it is dependent on water.

If you need to clarify whether a species not mentioned here should be included in this category, email


There are £23,000 worth of prizes to win in the Luminar Bug Photography Awards 2020, provided by Luminar, Buglife, Photocrowd, Gitzo, Lowepro, Alpine Labs, Fstoppers, CanvasPeople and MPB including a £2,500 (GBP) cash prize for the overall winner.

Prize details

Overall winner:

  • The title ‘Bug Photographer of the Year 2020’
  • £2,500 (GBP) cash prize
  • Gitzo Traveler Kit Series 0, 4 Sections tripod/head kit worth €754 (EUR).
  • Luminar ‘Max’ bundle worth $262 (USD)
  • Fstoppers 'Mastering Macro Photography' video series worth $300 (USD)
  • Lowepro ProTactic BP 300 AW II and GearUp Creator Box M worth €210 (EUR)
  • 1 x Radian 1; 1 x Pulse; 1 x Spark from Alpine Labs worth $393 (USD)
  • 3 years of Photocrowd ‘Master’ subscription worth £270 (GBP)
  • LitraTorch 2.0, Platypod, Goose Necks, Platypod Multi, Torch 2.0 Color Filters, Torch Barn Doors, Torch Silicone Sleeve worth, Torch Diffuser Set, Torch Soft Box Adapter, Pro Soft Box, Ball Mount – all provided by Litra.
  • CanvasPeople voucher worth £75 (GBP)
  • 1 year of ‘Household’ membership to Buglife worth £54 (GBP)

Category winners:

  • £250 (GBP) cash prize
  • Luminar ‘Max’ bundle worth $262 (USD)
  • 1 year of Photocrowd ‘Master’ subscription worth £90 (GBP)
  • 1 year of Buglife membership worth £36 (GBP)
  • 5 copies of the Awards Calendar, featuring your winning image
  • CanvasPeople voucher worth £35 (GBP)
  • 2nd & 3rd place in all categories win a Luminar ‘Plus’ bundle worth $162 (USD)
  • 2nd & 3rd place in all categories win a Photocrowd ‘Challenger’ subscription worth £30 (GBP)

Shortlisted photographers:

  • A total of up to 50 images in each category will be shortlisted and featured in an exclusive online gallery
  • All shortlisted photographers will receive a one year membership to Buglife (£36 each)
How it works

This contest is expert judged only with no rating by the crowd. You will be able to find out how you did when the judging or rating period has closed.

Entries closed
7 September 2020

7 September 2020 to 21 October 2020

Expert judge shortlist announced
21 October 2020

Expert judge winners announced
21 October 2020

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