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Cloudscapes are about clouds in the sky. For this brief, I would suggest that the classic definition of cloudscapes is probably best - although clouds viewed from above (i.e. aerial shots) are also acceptable.

Classically, cloudscapes depict the drama or beauty of clouds as viewed from the earth and the compositions normally include just enough of a landscape to suggest scale, orientation, weather conditions and perspective.

The key point here is that the clouds, whether they are over city, land or sea are the focal point of the image and the reason for the image. So, for the record, a fluffy cloud accidentally passing over the head of your perfectly adorable pet is not a cloudscape. That image belongs in one of the 'perfectly adorable pets’ contests that will doubtless soon appear. Be patient ...

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17 December 2017

17 December 2017 to 29 December 2017

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29 December 2017

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