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Crystal Ball photography

In association with Refractique

Open Rating Results

Crystal ball photography uses the refraction effect to create mini worlds inside an orb. The image inside the ball will be upside down when compared to the background, and will have fish-eye lens-like characteristics. Look for imaginative ways to artistically use this effect in camera. To succeed you'll need both a strong subject within the ball, but also a background that enhances your photo.

Judge Simon Bond has been shooting with crystal balls for 8 years. If you want to learn more, read this blog about crystal ball photography, and can also order a ball through Refractique.

Simon is offering 40% off on his crystal ball course “Globalise” during the contest. Use code PC40 and follow this link.

Win some truly unique prizes – Refractique Lensball packages and an online video course with judge Simon Bond...!

Prize details

The winner of the expert judge's category (decided by Simon Bond) will win a Refractique 80mm Lensball Package valued at $33.95 USD. The winner of the crowd vote (decided will win a Refractique 60mm Lensball Package valued at $24.95 USD.

Both winners will be invited to Simon Bond's online video 'Globalise' course on Crystal Ball photography. If you’re already familiar with using refraction this course will give you fresh ideas to kick start your own creativity. If you’re new to this type of photography, welcome to the definitive guide. In this course you will be taken through the various steps needed to be successful with your crystal ball, and told about the pitfalls to avoid.

Simon is also offering a 40% discount on his crystal ball photography course “globalise” for the duration of this contest. Just use the discount code PC40 and follow this link.

How it works

Every photo submitted will be available for the crowd to rate once the submissions period has ended. You can see all the images uploaded to a contest, but will need to rate them to see how they’re ranked once the rating period begins.

Some contests on Photocrowd also have a judge. After the submission period closes the judge chooses their favourite images and writes some image reviews. The crowd and judge results will be announced on the same day.

Entries closed
22 May 2018

22 May 2018 to 31 May 2018

Winners announced
31 May 2018

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