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Negative Space

Created and judged by Neville Morgan LRPS

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Negative space refers to areas of relative empty space in a composition. It is not necessarily a blank area or an area of flat colour but can also include areas low in contrast, low in texture or containing a subtle gradient etc.. Including areas of relative calm or low impact in an image can allow the main subject to breath or can create the idea of movement towards the negative space. Having the correct balance between areas of high and low impact can also help emphasise the subject as well as creating a sense of calm and order to the viewer. It is easy to create awkward and unbalanced compositions if there is too much negative space. Using the rule of thirds maybe a useful guide in this situation, but then of course rules are there to be broken! Looking forward to your interpretation of this contest but please, no composite images.

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5 November 2017

5 November 2017 to 18 November 2017

Winners announced
18 November 2017

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