Winner 2017: Terrence Zhang

Shortlist announced

(3rd Dec on Photocrowd)


File type

Images should be saved as jpegs at the highest quality available, with a colour profile attached. Either the RGB or sRGB colour profiles are recommended. Digital scans from film are also eligible providing they meet these technical guidelines.

Image size and resizing

Whilst no image sizes will be rejected at upload, winning images will be required to be printed, and so must be of sufficient quality to allow this. it is therefore advised that images measure a minimum of 5,000 pixels on the longest side after any cropping. Where images submitted are smaller than this, it will be assumed that this is the largest image size available to the photographer, and may affect that image’s chances of winning. The submission of larger file sizes is encouraged if available.

There are Photoshop and other image software tutorials online that show you how to best resize an image.

Image Manipulation

There are no restrictions regarding the manipulation of images using software or other techniques in the The Architectural Photography Awards, provided that all imagery is the exclusive work of the submitting photographer and does not include any element that is the copyright of another.

You must not change the fundamental integrity of the building.

Image sharpening, noise reduction and colour saturation

Excessive sharpening, noise reduction and colour saturation techniques should be avoided. We appreciate that entrants will attempt to prepare their entries to optimise appearance and appeal on screen, and this may include these techniques. Excessive use of any or all of them can result in an entry that will be unsuitable for printed media and therefore become invalid as a result.

Image descriptions

We strongly encourage photographers to include a description about their work during the upload process, including the name of the building, location and the architect who designed the building. This is a great way to tell a story or other interesting facts about your image that will be of strong interest to the judges. The judges and the crowd will be able to read this while rating to give them insight into how you came about the shot.


Please Include in the image description field on each of your entries:

Your real name

The name of the building

The name of the town and country

The name of the architect

You’re also encouraged to include this information in the Metadata of the file, which will protect yourself and your property. You can do this by opening your image in Photoshop and clicking on 'file info' to enter essential information.

Please appreciate this is an architectural photography competition, consequently this information is important. Shortlisted entries will require this information, so it will increase your chances of success if this data is included.

Ryan Koopmans

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