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Amazing prizes to be won including over £10,000 worth of Sigma kit

Amateur Photographer of the Year Competition – APOY 2017

Amateur Photographer Magazine opens it’s doors every year to photographers around the world, giving one lucky photographer the title of Amateur Photographer of the Year. Now in partnership with Photocrowd, 2017 marks the first time where you can have a say in who should win the coveted APOY 2017 title.

8 Rounds of contests
1 Grand Prize Winner
1 FREE entry per round
Over £10,000 in prizes from Sigma

How it works

The first entry to each round of APOY 2017 is free. Boost your chances with an APOY 2017 series bundle

The Expert winner of each round will receive exciting prizes from Sigma and the Crowd winners will receive free subscriptions to Amateur Photographer magazine and Photocrowd. You’ll also be featured in the magazine.

The title of Amateur Photographer of the Year will be determined by combining results across all eight rounds. You do not have to enter every round to be eligible, but the more you enter the better your chances.

Open Categories

There are eight rounds of contests to enter throughout the year, each one focusing on a specific theme, such as street, black & white, macro and wildlife.

Open for entries

apoy 2017
expert judged

Hit the streets

Win over £1000 of Sigma products plus subscriptions!


Street photography is as popular as it ever has been, and is perhaps the most accessible genre available to photographers. Even if we don’t live in a street alongside other people, we almost certainly travel to, and work in, places where the rich tapestry of street life chugs along like a well-oiled machine. All you have to do is photograph it, and show the rest of the world what happens in that location. There can be a great temptation to head to the biggest, most bustling, place you can find, but you really don’t need to. Street photography can be shot as easily beside the quiet and seemingly empty village post office as it can among the maddening crowds that stream past the Bank of England. The trick is to develop a keen eye for candid moments. Events on the street can develop both at the micro and macro levels – spend some time observing locations and the behaviour of the people who inhabit it. Even the subtlest scenes can lead to images that are utterly captivating.

When you are planning your entry, remember to take into consideration the criteria of fulfilling the brief, creativity and technical excellence on which you will be judged.

In rating

12 days left to rate
apoy 2017
expert judged

Magical monochrome


Black & white photography has always proved popular. When we remove colour from the equation, the rules of composition, framing and lighting shift their parameters and require you to see the world in a very different way. Many photographers who work exclusively in black & white maintain that colour is a distraction. Remove it and the viewer is free to focus on the graphic elements, such as angles, shapes, lines and textures. Light is the other key factor here. When black & white and atmospheric lighting combine, the power of an image can seem all-enveloping. You’d do well to look at the work of black & white photography masters, such as André Kertész, Bill Brandt, Michael Kenna and Sebastião Salgado.

Whilst our main focus here is on black & white, please note that we use the word ‘monochrome’ meaning that we’ll also accept images using toning, such as sepia. Bear in mind that not every subject will necessarily work, so give some real thought to what you choose to shoot.

When rating it’s important to take into consideration the brief and rate accordingly.

Categories coming soon

Over £10,000 of prizing to be won

Courtesy of Sigma and Amateur Photographer Magazine

The Overall Winner

The title of ‘Amateur Photographer of the Year 2017’

Sigma kit worth over £2,000
SIGMA 85mm F1.4 DG HSM Art (£1199.99) + SIGMA 35mm F1.4 DG HSM Art (799.99) + SIGMA USB Dock (£39.99)*

8 x expert category winners

The winners from each round chosen by the APOY judging panel

Sigma lens worth approx. £1,000

8 x crowd winners

The crowd winners from each round

Receive a year-long subscription to AP magazine

Receive a year-long master-level subscription to Photocrowd


All contest winners (expert and crowd), plus selections from the expert category in each contest, will be featured in an issue of AP, as well as the AP website and social media channels.

* If winner is based outside EU, they will have to pay for any customs charges that may be charged.

Boost your chances with an APOY series bundle

Save money and time by buying extra entries upfront with one of our series bundles. There’re some great prizes up for grabs, including kit from Sigma, subscriptions on Amateur Photographer and Photocrowd, plus exposure in Amateur Photographer Magazine.

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twenty-four entries
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Entries are valid for any round of the Amateur Photographer of the Year Competition 2017 (maximum of 4 entries per round)

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The Judging Panel

All entries are reviewed by a panel of Photography experts from Amateur Photographer, and a special guest judge for each contest

Nigel Atherton

Nigel Atherton

Group editor – photography titles, Time Inc (UK)

Tracy Calder

Tracy Calder

Technique Editor – Amateur Photographer magazine

Geoff Harris

Geoff Harris

Deputy Editor – Amateur Photographer magazine

Oliver Atwell

Oliver Atwell

Senior Features Writer - Deputy Editor – Amateur Photographer magazine

Hollie Lathan Hucker

Hollie Latham Hucker

News Editor – Amateur Photographer magazine

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