Environmental Photography Award 2021

Congratulations to all the 2021 winners

This inaugural year of the PA2F Environmental Photography Award has seen an incredible 5,700 entries from around the globe. Thank you to all who took part. Reviewing the submitted images has provided a poignant reminder of why the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation exists, and the urgent need for more progress on environmental issues. Please enjoy looking through all the shortlisted and winning images, and we look forward to welcoming you back for next year’s awards.

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation Environmental Photographer of the Year 2021

Kathleen Ricker with ‘Gorilla By The Water’

Kathleen’s spectacular image of a young male gorilla was taken on a trip to Uganda and captured the imagination of the Award Jury.

“The photographer has perfectly captured the magic of the moment when the gorilla forgets her presence to concentrate on crossing the river in the heart of the sumptuous Ugandan forest.”
Jean-Michel Krief (Jury Member)

Congratulations to Kathleen, who is the grand prize winner of this year’s inaugural award, and wins €6000.

Incredible Wildlife

Showcasing the beauty and variety of the species that inhabit our planet, in their natural habitats.

Category Winner

Lincoln Macgregor with ‘Enchanted Forest’

Lincoln’s captivating image shows a wombat wandering through an Australian forest in the glow of bioluminescent Ghost Fungi. It was shot using camera-trap technology, and combines a 30 second exposure with flash to illuminate the wombat.

Public Vote Winner

Mitchell Lewis with ‘Hidden From Sight’

This red deer stag was photographed watching over his herd of females (and the photographer!) by Mitchell in Richmond Park, London.

Wildlife in Crisis

Highlighting the negative impact that human activities are having on wildlife, and the irrationality of our relationship towards it.

Category Winner

Maxim Sayapin with ‘Traces of Life in the Realm of Death’

This heartbreaking image of a nest woven from garbage was taken by Maxim on the Mediterranean coast of Israel.

Public Vote Winner

Maxime Aliaga with ‘Captif’

Maxime’s image of this young orangutan was taken at a quarantine centre near Medan in Sumatra. It houses orangutans that have been rescued from being held captive illegally.

Reasons for Hope

Exploring the solutions humans have found to develop more harmonious relationships with wildlife, through conservation efforts and actions in favour of a more sustainable future.

Category Winner

Emmanuel Rondeau with ‘The Stag Above the Highway’

Emmanuel’s image shows a stag using a wildlife crossing in the Charente-Maritime region of France, over the A10 highway. These highways allow for ecological continuity and safe and free travel for wildlife.

Public Vote Winner

Mathieu Courdesses with ‘Love in the Jungle’

This image of a female orangutan and her cub was shot by Mathieu in the jungles of Sumatra, where their population is estimated at around 14,500. This is an increase from an estimated population of 7,300 between 200 and 2003.

Introducing the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation Environmental Photography Award

The PA2F Environmental Photography Award is being launched in 2021 in honour of the Foundation’s 15th anniversary, with a 10,000 € prize fund and a prestigious international jury.

The award will run annually, with the aim of raising awareness of environmental issues, and rewarding photographers who put their creativity and skill to good use in documenting the current state of our world.

Shortlisted images will be exhibited in the Principality of Monaco as part of the Foundation’s 15th anniversary celebrations, and will also be published in a commemorative photography book for distribution to the Foundation’s partners and benefactors.

2021 Theme

Humanity and Wildlife: Crossed Destinies, Shared Territories

The Award's inaugural year will be dedicated to the theme of wildlife, with the intention of celebrating the beauty and variety of the world’s wildlife, whilst also highlighting the plight of so many species, and the ways in which conservation efforts are attempting, and succeeding, to offer hope for the future.

Award Jury

The jury, made up of professional photographers and representatives of entities committed to more sustainable development, will select the winner of the Foundation's Environmental Photography Award as well as the winners for the three categories of the contest.

Olivier Wenden

President of the Jury

Ragnar Axelsson

Laurent Ballesta

Anthony Boira

Nick Danziger

Frederick Dharshie Wissah

Daisy Gilardini

Jean-Michel Krief

Lisa Samford

Award Prizing

Grand Prize Winner

The title “PA2F Environmental Photographer of the Year 2021”

6,000 €

VIP invite to Monaco, including travel and accommodation, for the opening of the PA2F Environmental Photography Award exhibition, and including the 15th anniversary celebrations of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

Category Winners

1,000 € for each of the 3 category winners

Public Vote Winners

500 € for the public vote winner in each category

Shortlisted Photographers

Featured in the PA2F Environmental Photography Award exhibition in Monaco

Published in the PA2F Environmental Photography Award book

Up to 50 images across the 3 categories will be shortlisted, with the shortlist announced on 15th April 2021.

These images will form the inaugural PA2F Environmental Photography Award exhibition and photography book. All winning and shortlisted photographers will benefit from extensive global press and social media promotion of the awards by the Foundation and its partners.

Winning images will be announced on 30th April 2021. The grand prize winner will be chosen based on a single image that the jury consider to be the best submitted this year. Category winners and shortlisted images will also be chosen by the jury. The public vote will be open to all, accessible from this page, and will commence on 1st April 2021.

Monaco Exhibition

In honour of its 15th anniversary, the Foundation wishes to showcase the shortlisted and winning images from the PA2F Environmental Photography Award in an outdoor exhibition in the Principality of Monaco. The exhibition will be on display from May 4th 2021 to June 1st 2021, with the aim to raise awareness of the importance of environmental protection and conservation.

About the Foundation

Having witnessed the profound upheavals wrought by the effects of climate change on our ecosystems, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco decided in June 2006 to set up a Foundation dedicated to protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development at a local and global scale.

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation aspires to bring together scientists, political decision-makers and economic and civic stakeholders behind a vital objective for our future – that of protecting nature and biodiversity. The Foundation’s action has led to some encouraging victories being won, whether in safeguarding threatened species or improving living conditions in rural communities by implementing new sustainable and ethical solutions. Every project supported represents another step forward for the Planet, whose state of health calls for more ambitious and decisive measures.

The Foundation focuses its efforts on three principal domains of action: Climate Change, Biodiversity and Water Resources and funds projects in three priority areas: the Mediterranean basin, the Polar Regions, and the Least Developed Countries. In fifteen years, the Foundation has contributed to more than 586 projects.

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