2019 winner - Gareth Mon Jones

Weather Photographer of the Year 2020

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Weather Photographer of the Year 2020

Top ten public results

1st place

Alexey Trofimov with 'Baikal Treasure'

2nd place

Lori Grace Bailey with 'Predawn Thunderstorm over El Paso, Texas'

3rd place

Joann Randles with 'Under The Rainbow'

4th place

Boris Jordan with 'Mammatus Outbreak'

5th place

Laura Hedien with 'Frosty Bison'

6th place

Tori Jane Ostberg with 'The Red Terror'

7th place

Sabrina Garofoli with 'Dream'

8th place

Maja Kraljik with 'Monster'

9th place

Mikhail Shcheglov with 'Before a storm'

10th place

Vu Trung Huan with 'Tea Hills'