2019 winner - Gareth Mon Jones

Weather Photographer of the Year 2020

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Frequently asked questions

We have provided some guidance below for some of our most frequently asked questions. We will upload further questions during the course of the competition, so please keep checking back. If your question is unanswered below, please send us an email.

1. How many images can I upload?

You can upload up to five images.

2. Can I change or delete my images once I have uploaded them?

Yes. You can change or delete any of your images, plus your caption text, or tag at any time before the closing date of the competition.

3. Can I upload images taken by a friend?

No. Any images you upload must be your own photograph - they must not have been taken by another photographer or be an image you have found on the internet. Please ask your friend to upload his/her own images.

4. I live outside of the UK, can I enter?

Absolutely. We encourage entries from all countries.

5. Can I submit photographs I took years ago?

Yes, providing they meet the rest of the criteria.

6. Can I add extra information about my image?

We positively encourage this. When you upload your image, you can add a caption, additional text and hashtags. Let us know where the image was taken, what it shows and how you took it, plus anything else you want to tell us.

7. Can I submit black and white images?

Images in colour or monochrome can be submitted, whether from original settings or later conversion with imaging editing software.

8. What size should my images be?

Only jpeg files will be accepted. If you are experiencing uploading issues, please check all images are a maximum of 2,500 pixels wide (if landscape) or 2,500 pixels high (if portrait) and a maximum size of 5MB in JPG format. Images should be in RGB or sRGB colour format.