2020 winner - Rudolf Sulgan

Weather Photographer of the Year 2021

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Prof Liz Bentley

Prof Liz Bentley

Chief Executive at the Royal Meteorological Society

As Chief Executive of the Society, Liz works with the Council of Trustees to give vision, direction and leadership to its programmes of work. She first joined the Royal Meteorological Society in 2008 as Head of Communications and became Chief Executive in 2013. Liz has had a successful career in Meteorology working with the Met Office, BBC Weather Centre and the Ministry of Defence after studying a PhD in mathematics at the University of Manchester.

‘I was born in Yorkshire and I’m sure my upbringing on top of the Pennines, where the weather can be a little more extreme, is one of the main reasons why I became so fascinated by the weather. I often marvel at the beauty and power of the weather and capturing that in a photograph can be quite magical.’

Jo Bradford

Jo Bradford

Guest judge for Mobile Phone category

The driving force behind Green Island Studios, Jo is an award-winning photographer who takes pictures of wild and windy Dartmoor from her studio doorstep and posts them on Instagram as @greenislandstudios where she has a large and loyal following for her smartphone photography.

At Green Island Studios, Jo has created a bespoke analogue darkroom and photography workshop and studio space from where she has developed a unique collection of workshops and courses in smartphone photography. The courses range from beginner’s sessions to masterclasses and Jo delivers these from the studio as well as for the Royal Photographic Society.

Jo is the best-selling author of ‘Smart Phone Smart Photography’ and her exciting new book on mobile editing, ‘Smart Phone Smart Photo Editing’ (which is now available for pre order) will publish in autumn 2021.

As well as delivering her courses, Jo works as an Associate Lecture at Falmouth University where she lectures on the BA Marine and Natural History Photography degree.

Aisling Creevey, FRMetS, RMet

Aisling Creevey, FRMetS, RMet

Meteorologist and ITV Weather Presenter

Aisling first and foremost just simply loves the weather. She is a meteorologist, ITV Weather Presenter and runs her own podcast ‘for the love of weather’. She also sits on the board of the Royal Meteorological Society.

Aisling came to the UK 12 years ago to join the wonderful weather community and has never looked back. She has a wide range of forecasting experience from aviation, road, rail, media and more, and was lucky enough to forecast in the Falklands alongside the military.

Over the last few years she has loved how weather photos have grown on social media, something she says is wonderful when you simply love looking at clouds.

She is a big supporter of females in science and pushes herself to learn something new every day. By far though she is most proud of being a Mam.

Jesse Ferrell

Jesse Ferrell

Social Media Manager, AccuWeather

As Social Media Manager and Senior Weather Editor for AccuWeather, as well as a meteorologist, blogger and photography enthusiast, Jesse Ferrell oversees the strategic management for AccuWeather’s weather news stories and social media channels, creating highly engaging posts that serve as a touchpoint for millions of fans, followers and platform community members.

Jesse was responsible for leading the charge to create first interactive, multimedia news story featured on accuweather.com using Forecaster text files, TV “ultragraphics” and links driving traffic back to the company website.

With an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, Jesse supported the management of subscription services, eventually creating AccuWeather’s RadarPlus subscription service in 2005. In that same year, Jesse became the first accuweather.com blogger during Hurricane Katrina and remains an active author for weather blogs today.

Before joining AccuWeather, Jesse developed an online group of weather enthusiasts and reporters, WeatherMatrix, where he served as founder and president for almost a decade.

Jesse earned his BSc in Meteorology from the University of North Carolina at Asheville. In his spare time Jesse enjoys chasing storms, photographing weather conditions and spending time with his family.

Follow Jesse @weathermatrix.

Rudolf Sulgan

Rudolf Sulgan

Weather Photographer of the Year 2020

Rudolf is a photographer and visual artist living in New York City.

After completing his studies, he started working as an art restorer at Sotheby’s. Exposure to artworks made a great impact on how he sensed and observed the light, letting it dictate the mood while trying to create soulful images.

For over the past ten years, his focus has been mainly on photographing editorial stories around the globe with environmental and social focus.

Kevin Thomas

Kevin Thomas

Photo Editor - Royal Meteorological Society’s Weather magazine

Kevin’s interest in the weather was triggered at school and university which ultimately led to becoming a meteorologist and weather forecaster. This career recently completed after retiring from the BBC following 12 years as a radio weather presenter covering the counties of Devon and Cornwall.

His time with the BBC was preceded by a long career as a forecaster and oceanographer in the Royal Navy and the Royal Navy Reserve. Seeing service at sea around the globe and with a keen eye on the weather, this led to a deep respect of the natural world and its power. Alongside this came a developing love of photography and he regularly seeks the opportunity to capture the beauty and atmosphere that weather can add to a picture. Fortunately, living under the ever-changing skies of Cornwall, this provides many opportunities to fulfil this interest.

Kevin has recently taken the position as Photo Editor of the Royal Meteorological Society’s Weather magazine.