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photo awards
free entry
13-17 years only
Wen Dong

Street life (youth category)

In association with Global SinoPhoto Awards

Open Judging Results

This is a special youth category for 13-17 year olds. It is FREE to enter.

All of life can be seen in our neighbourhood streets: Its character can change as day turns to night. A meeting place or transit space where the best fashion trends are always spotted, children play and traders encourage us to buy their produce.


袨服华妆着处逢,六街灯火闹儿童:千年丝绸路,万代家商贾。日常生活中的喜怒哀乐,尽在大街小巷中。 作品内容可包括:从乡村的集市到都市的宽街,从故地的土产到遍布世界的唐城色相。华人的生活在这里交汇,古今中外在此处融合。

The winner in the 'Street life' category will receive a $250 (USD) cash prize, while the overall winner of the Global SinoPhoto Awards 2020 will take home $2,500 (USD). Click on the 'Prize details' tab for more information.


Prize details

The winners will be formally announced at the Global SinoPhoto Awards ceremony in a central London location*, where the images will be exhibited. Guests will include leading figures from the arts, media and commerce from across the Anglo/International/Chinese communities.

The overall winner of the Global SinoPhoto Awards 2020 will receive a $2,500 (USD) cash prize.

Seven category winners will receive a $250 (USD) cash prize, including the winner in the 'Street life' category for 13-17 year olds.

Certificates will be issued to the 2nd and 3rd placed photographers in the 6 main categories. In the 'Street life' category (for 13-17 year olds), the judge's runner-up and the crowd-vote runner-up will also receive certificates.

  • The event is subject to the UK government’s COVID-19 policy and restrictions. Details are to be confirmed.





How it works

This contest is expert judged only with no rating by the crowd. You will be able to find out how you did when the judging or rating period has closed.

Entries closed
17 January 2021

17 January 2021 to 23 February 2021

Expert judge shortlist announced
23 February 2021

Expert judge winners announced
26 February 2021

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