Barbara Orchard

Turrets and Towers

Created by Paul K

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Please read the brief carefully. For this contest get up close to turrets and towers. We find them on religious buildings, castles, chateaux, show me anywhere there is a turret or tower, except on tanks or other vehicles. This is NOT a landscape challenge. I do not want to see hills and lakes or other scenery, just beautiful towers with rustic architecture or fairy like towers. Colour or black and white is your choice, but don't take the easy way out and just enter a picture of the Tower of London, be creative and get up close. Shoot the image nobody else has thought of, maybe show what detail is there at the top of the tower. Will your lens reach to what you want to show or should you crop a picture, add some HDR or curve? Challenge yourselves rather than just going through your stock images. As always when rating, look out for those off brief images and mark them accordingly. Good luck to you all.

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Entries closed
26 March 2018

26 March 2018 to 2 April 2018

Winners announced
2 April 2018

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