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Dominic James

Commercial, sport/action and people photographer

Dominic James is a commercial photographer, and a member of the AOP, who became world renowned through his sport and action photography. Brought in by brands, agencies, and individual clients to photograph events, athletes, and personalities.

He received several honorable mentions in the 2015 International Photography Awards (IPA) for his polo and street photography. His work is published and used across the World by brands and adorning many private clients walls and book shelves.

His keen creative skills having come from a background of working for a UK national newspaper and owning a successful London-based design agency over his 25-year career. He turned to photography full time in 2010 and applied his expertise and knowledge on every project.

His other commercial work includes global hotel brands, car brands, architectural and food photography.

"I've traveled the world to deliver photography for my clients using a skillset that is my passion in life; I'm very fortunate, to be able to do this. But you should know that you have to work incredibly hard to do this, and maintain it.”

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