Expert Profiles

Edo Zollo

Street and Documentary Photographer

When the night falls, there’s always a sense of mystery that comes along with it. Reality as we know it in bright daylight takes a break. For a few hours the world around us is covered by darkness. Sometimes making it almost impossible to see the hand before our eyes. But then again often leaving glimpses at what’s there. Yet, there’s something special in the air. Shadows of objects and people fuel our imagination, creating worlds beneath the surface that suddenly rise to life. The neon light of a street sign, the feeble flickering of a lonely light bulb or the circle of a street lantern - they all taint reality with suspense and magic.

It’s these stories of the uncertain, clandestine and enigmatic that Edo Zollo’s images tell.

Edo Zollo is an alert observer of life on the streets able to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

His work has a distinctly movie-like flavor. People often appear as a silhouette in the anonymous mega-city, hallways, train stations, or parks. The pictures feel real, surreal, and timeless.

His voyeuristic, dimly-lit shots transform innocuous London scenes into something altogether more sinister: a dinner between two friends, for example, suddenly seems like a clandestine meeting of international intrigue. An appropriate aesthetic for our constantly under-surveillance city, for sure. (Timeout London Magazine)

All images © Edo Zollo