Expert Profiles

Francesca Moore

Music photographer

Francesca is a freelance photographer whose personal work stems from interest in people and the environment.

Francesca combines her work with passion for music and action, and has been photographing live music for the past ten years, first dabbling in Nottingham’s vibrant music scene at the start of the millennium. Since then she has been shooting at major stage events, editorially and with the production of limited edition fine art prints.

Francesca has an MSc in Biological Photography and Imaging, and she draws on her scientific background to portray humanitarian, social and environmental issues. Her current Arts Council-funded project portrays the site of the 1984 Bhopal disaster today, and of the people that continue to be affected 30 years on.

Use your camera to document what you love or care about the most, and your passion for the subject will be evident in your images.

All images © Francesca Moore