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Isabella Tabacchi

Isabella Tabacchi is a landscape photographer based in the north of Italy.

Isabella has always had a sensibility for natural environments, and so it was only natural that photography would enter her life suddenly; it was as if there was some massive internal passion from the heart exploded into her life when it came to capturing those natural surroundings. Isabella’s favourite environment are the mountains, especially the Alps, where she has created her most popular images. Isabella’s works have been published in online and paper magazines such as National Geographic, the Daily Mail, Practical Photography, Digital Photo SLR UK and N-Photo. Isabella has won several prizes in many international awards such as the Moscow Foto Award, the Monochrome Award, Monovisions Awards, the Fine Art Photo Awards, the Tokyo Foto Awards, ND Awards, Lucie Foundation’s IPA and the International Photographer of the Year Awards. Her pictures were published in the Outdoor Photographer of the Year Portfolio II (“The magic of the night” is on the cover). Her image “The battle” is among the TOP FIFTY in the EPSON International Pano Awards for 2017 and she received a Gold award. She is a juror for the EPSON International Pano Awards for 2018 and in the Chania International Photo Festival 2018. Isabella is an Irix Lens, Haida filters and Fotopro tripods ambassador.

All images © Isabella Tabacchi