Expert Profiles

Joshua Galicki

Nature Photographer

My name is Joshua Galicki and I’m an award winning wildlife photographer based in the greater Washington, DC area. I like to spend the majority of my free time out in nature locally and also do my best to visit remote and wild places when possible. Growing up in a forested area in the Northeast United States has provided me the opportunity to observe and appreciate birds since I was a child. It began with songbirds in my backyard and later led to exploration in polar regions, cloud forests, deserts, and isolated islands across the globe. Avian photography is a speciality of mine and something I’m extremely passionate about. The ability to compose and capture pleasing images of bird life is a difficult, but rewarding challenge and something I continually strive to improve upon. The majority of people are not aware of this beauty that’s around us and I try to make it come to life and be as informative as I can through imagery.

All images © Joshua Galicki