Expert Profiles

Martina Govindraj

Travel photographer and Olympus Ambasador

Olympus Ambassador Martina Govindraj is a self taught photographer. Photography became a major part of her life following the purchase of her first SLR camera from a second hand shop at the age 16. Encouraged to focus on more ‘academic’ subjects as a teenager, Martina embarked on a series of covert sessions over a two year period in her school photography lab, teaching herself how to roll film and then develop her photos. Having invested heavily over the years in DSLR equipment but simply fed up of her cumbersome camera gear, she decided to switch to a Micro Four Thirds camera in 2015. This was the beginning of her relationship with her OLYMPUS OM-D EM-10 a camera that resembled her very first camera and which restored her enthusiasm for photography. Known as @YesZebra on Instagram she has achieved a notable following for her architecture, urban, and underground photography taken around the world.

All images © Martina Govindraj