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Nathaniel Smalley

Landscape and Wildlife Photographer

Nathaniel Smalley is the owner of Nature Odyssey Worldwide Tours and a full time professional nature photographer based in the heart of the American Southwest. He leads photography workshops, tours and safaris to numerous international destinations throughout each year. Nature has been the greatest source of inspiration for a lifetime and with his images Nathaniel strives to foster a real love and respect for the natural world by touching the heart of the viewer with its beauty.

More than just another nature photographer, Nathaniel is also a passionate conservationist. He has done extensive work with various conservation and rehabilitation organizations over the last two decades, filling every role from a volunteer assisting injured birds and mammals, to board member.

Nathaniel strives at all times to adhere to the highest standards of ethics in nature photography and avoid any of the cheap shortcuts that could in any way harm his subjects or the environment. For him the natural world is a sanctuary where he captures images of the living world and shares them with those who love and appreciate nature as he does.

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