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Nick Hurst

Wildlife and Nature Photographer

Shooting all around the UK, Nick Hurst is a freelance wildlife and nature photographer.

He says: "I have an obsession for all things wild together with a desire to explore and share the natural world around me. As a child my summers were often spent in the Cambridgeshire countryside together with my 'Raleigh Roadrunner' and you would find me in the leafy woods, jumping in ditches, building dens and more often than not getting very muddy. But my absolute passion in more recent years has been observing the daily lives of all the cute, (and not so cute), critters who might call this special wonderland a home. I think nature photography provides an escape from our otherwise fast paced lives and for me it is all about being in that moment. To capture that feeling in such a way an image might relate to someone who didn’t have the privilege of being there with me. If I can share my work with others and encourage an awareness of the natural habitat all around us; then I am supremely happy."

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