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Here's the story behind this wonderful shot by Andrew Lipovsky, who won the expert vote in our City Life contest.

"This image was taken during a lifestyle shoot I did with a friend of mine who was looking to produce a rooftop picnic shoot with the Manhattan skyline in the background. We found a friend with a nice rooftop with a great view, found our cast, and went to it. We shot below on a lower roof, then climbed up to the very top. I went up first and then this model came up behind me and did this little hop onto the roof. I actually missed it the first time around but saw him do it, so I asked him to do it again so I could get the shot. This was the result.

Post-processing wise I didn't really do much, as with most of my lifestyle work. The light that afternoon was perfect. All I did was add a little contrast in curves and warmed up the image a bit with colour channel curves."

You can see more of Andrew's work here.

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