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Lee Acaster won the expert vote in our Gardens contest with this image. Here's the story behind the shot...

"I took this shot specifically for the Photocrowd contest. I’d noticed the evening light backlit these lupins just before sunset, and thought they would make a good composition with the wire archway. I experimented with a couple of different lenses, but settled on using my 45mm tilt-shift, which gave me the added benefit of being able to tilt the plane of focus. This allowed me to focus on both the lupins in the foreground and the ones further back, drawing the eye through the archway and into the picture, whilst throwing the rest of the image out of focus to achieve some nice bokeh in the background to enhance the dreamy quality of the warm summer light.

I shot the image in RAW, and processed it in Lightroom, which mainly involved some adjustments to the highlights and shadows to combat the high contrast of the scene, along with adjusting the white balance a little to warm the image up."

You can see more of Lee's work here, and read our interview with him here.

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