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Bob Blevins took the crowd vote winning shot in our 'Gardens' contest. Here's the story behind the image.

"This image was captured at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens near Charleston, South Carolina, March 28, 2014 at 4:34pm. Magnolia is one of my favorite locations to photograph in the Charleston area, which is rich in beautiful and historic locations. This image was captured on my first trip to Magnolia Plantation, and we returned this year to enter the LowCountry Photography Club's 'Magnolia Plantation and Gardens Photo Contest.' The swamp and gardens provide landscapes around every corner with the beautiful Live Oaks, Cypress, Spanish Moss, Azaleas and other flora, along with a vast array of wildlife.

This scene is located near the romantic White Bridge which spans a lagoon near the Plantation House. The beauty of the Spanish Moss hanging from the trees over the lagoon inspired me to stop, set up the tripod, and take a few shots. Digital cameras are wonderful tools for capturing a moment in time, but I also used Lightroom adjustments to bring back some of the detail of how it looked to the naked eye at the time. This image was .jpg format and I have since switched to RAW format to retain more detail in each photo, and I have added a full frame Canon 6d body and several lenses for different perspectives."

You can see more of Bob's photography here.

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