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I want to cancel my subscription. What should I do?

We offer a 14-day money back guarantee from the day you subscribe to any of our paid-for subscription levels. To cancel and be refunded, you’ll need to email to notify us within the first 14 days of your subscription.

After 14 days you are no longer eligible for refund, but you can still go to your account settings to cancel your subscription, which will run until the end of your billing period before returning to the free ‘Crowd’ level.

I want to change my subscription to another level. How does this work?

If you’re changing subscription, the fees are pro-rated to the new level at the point you upgrade.

What do the symbols on my profile mean?

The number of stars on your profile's picture indicates the level of subscription you have, from one to three.

If you have a crown on your profile, that means you're one of our Top 1000 photographers and the number next to it indicates your rank. More information about that can be found here.

Entering Photocrowd contests

Is it free to enter contests on Photocrowd?

Yes it is. Everyone who signs up to Photocrowd has at least one free entry to every photo contest (these include Premium Contests and Community Contests but does not include Premium Awards).

How many free images can I enter into a contest?

The number of free entries depends on the subscription plan you are on. All free Crowd users get 1 free entry to every contest (free entries are limited to 3 contests a day) rising to 6 free entries for Master subscribers. Subscribers have no daily limit and can enter as many contests as they like each day. You can find out more about our plans on the Upgrade page.

What is the maximum number of entries I can make to a contest?

The maximum number of entries you can make into each photo contests is 8. However to enter the maximum of 6 entries per contest you will need to pay a small per-image fee. Extra entry prices are £1 per image for Community Contests and £2 for Premium Contests. This boosts your chances of doing well, but doesn’t require you to commit to a subscription. If you are a subscriber you can also buy additional entries to top up your free entries (up to a maximum of 8 photos per contest).

Does all this apply to Premium Awards as well?

No, Premium Awards that we host on Photocrowd have their own rules and prices which can also differ from each other. Please check out each individual Awards for their rules and pricing.

How do I confirm that my photo has been successfully submitted to a contest?

If you have successfully entered a photo to a contest, you will see a thumbnail of the photo under ‘My entries’ on the challenge page. You can also check your entries on the ‘Currently entered’ tab on the ‘My Contest’ page.

How do I withdraw a photo from a contest?

You can withdraw a photo from a contest on the contest page by clicking the 'cog’ icon on the thumbnail of the entry you wish to withdraw. You can also do this on the ‘My Contests’ page.

You can withdraw an image from a contest and upload a new one in its place as long as submissions are still open. If rating has started, however, you won’t be able to replace your entry.

I deleted my submitted photo from a contest. Can I enter another one in its place?

As long as rating hasn’t started, yes!

Can I enter the same image into multiple contests?

Yes you can.

Can I upload an image with my watermark on it?

You can. But do bear in mind that watermarked images tend to be less popular with Photocrowd voters, so it is likely to affect your chances of doing well in the crowd vote.

How do I view my results?

You can see how you got on in any contests you’ve entered that have now finished by visiting your ‘Past Contests’ page, under ‘My Contests’.

Rating photos

How does photo rating work?

Each contest has a submissions period, during which time Photocrowd members can enter photos. Every photo submitted will be available for the crowd to rate once the submissions period has ended and the rating period has begun. Ratings are on a three-star scale - the more stars, the better.

You can see all the images uploaded to a contest before rating begins, but will need to rate them to see how they’re ranked once the rating period begins.

To opt out of rating, simply go back to the main contest page and click on the link beneath the 'Rate photos' button that says 'opt out of rating'.

Why should I rate photos?

Photo ratings are the lifeblood of Photocrowd’s contests and are one of the things that make them special. They ensure that everyone submitting a photo gets unbiased, honest feedback, and that the really great photography rises to the top. It means that when you shoot that amazing photo it’ll get the recognition it deserves. Woo!

We think rating photos is fun, interesting and a great way to hone your critical faculties. Thinking about what you like or dislike in a photo, and why, is a really useful way to improve as a photographer. And when a big community of photographers like Photocrowd’s practises this with each other’s work it makes for a beautiful feedback loop that helps us all to get better within an honest but supportive environment.

It makes Photocrowd the best place for you to accurately measure yourself against some of the best photographers in the world.

How do you see the current positions of entries when rating has started?

To see all the photos that have been submitted to a contest and their ranking after the rating period has begun, you must first rate a minimum number of photos, chosen for you at random.

Once you’ve rated the minimum number you can either carry on rating, or opt out of rating any more photos in that contest.

If you choose to carry on rating then you can still opt out at any time later and be shown the photos you rated, in live position order. But... once you’ve opted out you won’t be able to rate any more photos in that contest.

Keep in mind that with contests that have 'blind voting', usually within a Photography Award, you cannot op out of rating to see results.

Is there a way to see how my photo is doing during rating?

You will need to rate the minimum number of photos to see the rating information on your photo which includes your current position.

This is to encourage as many photographers as possible to see and rate each other's work.

Your final position will be visible when the results are announced.

How is a photo’s ranking worked out?

A photo’s ranking is calculated based on the proportion of 1, 2 and 3-star ratings that it has achieved.

However, it’s not quite as simple as averaging the number of stars – we’ve built a few tweaks into the scoring algorithm. There are slight variations in users' voting weight based on their voting behaviour, for instance, which will impact results. These tweaks are based on what we’ve learned about patterns of rating over the last few years, and they help ensure that the rankings are as unbiased as possible and the results are a fair representation of the crowd's opinion.

Is the rating system fair?

We’ve worked hard since we launched Photocrowd to make the challenge photo ratings as fair and accurate as possible.

Photo rating is anonymous, so you can’t see whose photo you are rating, what rank that photo currently is, or any comments that have been made about it.

We’ve got lots of behind the scenes systems in place too, including making sure that people don’t have multiple Photocrowd accounts, recognizing and correcting for users whose photo rating is not sincere, and identifying photos that are being rated upwards by a member’s friends.

We’re constantly improving but we’re pretty confident now that the list of winning photos for each challenge represents what the crowd really thinks of the entries. Whether you agree with their choice is a different thing!

What is the difference between a star rating and a love?

Photos in live contests are rated on a 3-star scale – the better it is, the more stars you give it. But if you also totally love a photo then wherever you find it on Photocrowd you can love it by simply clicking the heart symbol. Loving a photo does not have any impact on how well a photo performs in a contest though - that's purely determined by the 3-star ratings.

Photos that you’ve loved using the heart symbol will be saved in your ‘Loved Photos’ folder within your profile.

What does ‘Photo not on brief’ mean?

When rating you might see a photo that doesn’t fit the contest theme, even though it might be a great photo. In that case you can choose ‘Photo not on brief’ and you’ll be taken to the next photo for rating. This can be quite subjective, so one or two people clicking ‘Photo not on brief’ won’t affect a photo’s score. But if it happens consistently it will have an effect on that photo’s score and it will be less likely to do well in that contest.

Why can’t I register more than two accounts on my IP address?

This one’s easy – we had the odd soul who’d register 20 accounts and try to rate their own photo into a high ranking position. Crazy but true!

Are there keyboard shortcuts for rating photos?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! When you are rating a photo, you can simply press the ‘1’, ‘2’ or ‘3’ keys to allocate a 1, 2 or 3 star rating.

The Leaderboard

What is it?

The Leaderboard is a way of seeing where you rank among the most successful photographers on Photocrowd, and is updated each Monday morning (UTC). It’s a great way to help you focus your photography and see how you’re progressing each week.

How is the Leaderboard worked out?

Your Leaderboard ranking is calculated by scoring your 24 most successful contest results during the past 12 weeks. Each result you have in a contest will be worth a certain number of ranking points, and the combined score of your 24 best results will determine where you sit in that week’s ranking.

How are ranking points calculated?

The ranking points for a contest result are based on the position your image came in the crowd vote (if there was a crowd vote for that contest) and whether the judge gave your image an award (if there was a judge for that contest). If a contest has both a crowd vote AND an expert judge then the ranking points for both are combined. The ranking points for a contest result are also affected by the size of the contest (bigger contests are worth more points) and the type of contest (Photography Awards are worth more than Premium Contests, and Premium Contests are worth more than Community Contests.)

To find out exactly how the number of points is calculated, see ‘EXACTLY how are ranking points calculated?’ below.

Can all the photos I enter into a contest count towards my rank?

Yes, if you have entered more than one photo into a contest then each one will count towards your ranking.

One of my photos has done well a few times recently. Do all the results count?

Unfortunately not. If one of your photos has been entered into multiple contests during the 12 week period then only the best result will be counted for that photo. It may be tempting to enter that popular photo of a cute kitten into our contests every week, but we want to encourage as much new and fresh work as possible on Photocrowd!

Can I see which images have counted towards my ranking that week?

Yes you can. There’s a list of your ranked photos (up to 24 of them) that count towards that week’s leaderboard ranking. On the Leaderboard page click on ‘jump to where you’re ranked’ and then on your profile block select ‘Show more details’.

Why does a photo that's done well this week get so few ranking points, or doesn't even appear in my top 24 ranked photos?

The larger and more prestigious the contest is, the more points are available. So even if your photo did very well in a smaller contest, or a Community Contest, it may have actually received fewer ranking points than a photo that got a lower placing in a larger or more prestigious contest such as a Photography Awards. And remember that your ranking is based on your 24 most successful contest results, so if it hasn’t received enough points you won’t see it in your list of ranked photos.

Why have my ranking points gone down this week even though I've had better results than previous weeks?

Ranking points are calculated from results over the last 12 weeks. If one or more good results have dropped out of this list then unfortunately your total ranking points for the last 12 weeks may go down. This is likely to be because your current results are not as good as the ones that have dropped out of the list. It may also be because those photographers around you have had a better week of results than you.

Help! I'm stuck in the same position each week! How do I move up the Leaderboard?

There are two main ways to move up the leaderboard - enter more contests, and get better results! Our top tip is to choose carefully the contests you enter. Bigger contests and more prestigious contests, such as Photography Awards, offer more ranking points, as do contests where there is both a crowd vote AND an expert judge. So why not be bold and enter some contests that may be out of your comfort zone? And don’t get disheartened if your leaderboard ranking falls from time to time. There are lots of great photographers on Photocrowd who enter lots of contests, and the most important thing is always that you’re enjoying your photography and being inspired to keep picking up your camera and finding new subjects.

Do hidden images still receive ranking points?

Yes, photos you’ve set to be hidden will still get their ranking points and receive any awards. However, any hidden photos that have received an award do not get shown on the awards page of your profile. Hidden photos are only shown on the pages of contests they’ve been entered into.

Can you tell me how well I've done on the Leaderboard every week?

We can! If you want to know if you’ve made the Leaderboard that week simply head to ‘Settings’ for your profile. From there click ‘Emails’ and then find the box next to ‘When the Leaderboard is announced.’ Tick that (and any other emails you wish to receive from us - we recommend our newsletter, of course!) and then make sure you scroll down to save any changes. We will email you every week to let you know when the Leaderboard has been updated.

EXACTLY how are ranking points calculated?

Want to get geeky about leaderboard points? Then this section is for you! The ranking points are calculated by combining three things in the following equation:

(Crowd vote position + expert judge position) X type of contest X size of contest = an image’s ranking points for that contest

1. Position in that contest

The points allocated for the crowd and expert positions are as follows:

Crowd vote: 1st to 10th place is worth 10,000 to 8,200 points. 11th place to 10th percentile is worth 8,000 to 6,001 points. 11th to 25th percentile is worth 6,000 to 4,001 points. 26th to 50th percentile is worth 4,000 to 2,001 points. 51st to 100th percentile is worth 2000 to c.1 points.

Expert judge: 1st to 10th place is worth 10,000 to 8,200 points. Commended is worth 6,000 points. Shortlisted (awards) is worth 8,000 points.

Where a contest has both a crowd vote and an expert judge, the points you receive for both will be combined for that contest result.

2. Type of contest

There are three different types of contests here at Photocrowd; Photography Awards, Premium Contests and Community Contests.

Each type of contest changes the value of points awarded as follows:

Photography Awards: x 1.25
Premium Contests: x 1
Community Contests: x 0.5

3. Size of contest

The more people who enter a contest, the more ranking points are up for grabs.

The size of a contest changes the value of points awarded as follows:

Up to 50 images: No ranking points available
Up to 200 images: x 0.8
Up to 500 images: x 1
Up to 1000 images: x 1.1
Up to 1500 images: x 1.2
Up to 2000 images: x 1.3

And so on, with every additional 500 images adding .1 to the multiplier.

Our experts

Why has your so-called ‘expert’ judge chosen such terrible images [and not mine]?

One of our favourite questions here at Photocrowd!

Well we stick by the description of our judges as experts. They’re some of the finest photographers and imaging professionals around. What’s not guaranteed is that you’ll agree with their choices and reviews, but then we think that’s where the fun lies.

The expert is there to provide an experienced but subjective alternative to the opinions of the crowd. Their reviews then give us an idea of why they chose certain images, and how they think other images might be improved.

So if you won the crowd vote then the expert ignored you, don’t be put off by that. It’s one person’s opinion, and your style just may not be suited to their tastes. But overall we think that having the experts involved makes the Photocrowd experience a lot richer.

Image formats, upload and display

What image formats does Photocrowd accept?

Images uploaded to Photocrowd must be JPEG files, meaning their filename will end in .jpeg or .jpg. If your image is not in JPEG format, you’ll need to open it in your imaging software and save or export it as a JPEG file.

What size image should I upload?

We encourage you to upload the full-size JPEG file for each image. This allows the image to be displayed as large as possible on all monitors and devices.

Images can be up to 25mb in size, and 10,000 pixels on the longest side, which will be enough for most files. The minimum image size accepted on Photocrowd is 1080 pixels on the image's shortest side.

Why does my image change colour after upload?

All images uploaded to Photocrowd are recommended to have a colour profile attached to them. Specifically this should be the sRGB colour profile, which gives the best chance of the image looking the same colour on Photocrowd as it does when you look at it on your monitor or device.

Do I retain copyright in my images?

Absolutely! Copyright in your images always remains with you. Photocrowd’s founders are professional photographers who make a living from owning the copyright in their own images, and respecting the image creator is one of Photocrowd’s founding principles. Here are our terms and conditions – copyright is covered in Section 5. If you have any comments to make about our terms and conditions then we'd welcome them.

Will Photocrowd sell or make money out of my images?

Photocrowd would never sell your images or make money directly from them without first asking your permission, and getting your agreement regarding the price, and what you would receive for the sale.

How are my images protected on Photocrowd?

By placing your images on a public website like Photocrowd you can gain a lot of exposure, but you do also lose some control over your images. We want to make sure that wherever your image travels to, you get credited as the creator and benefit as much as possible from it.

All of your images on Photocrowd will have your name embedded in the metadata as the copyright owner (not something all photo-sharing sites do) and if an image is shared from the site it will always be accompanied by additional text including your name as the copyright holder.

Your account and profile

How do I delete a photo from my account?

Click on your profile image in the navigation at the top of the page. Then select 'Manage photos'. Find the image you want to delete and click on the settings (cog) icon in the top right corner of the image, you'll see the option to delete the photo. You’ll then be prompted to click the red ‘delete’ button, which will permanently delete the image.

What is the difference between public and hidden photos?

Public photos are shown on your profile and throughout the site as they always have been. This encourages the community to find and interact with your photos, gaining some good exposure of your work. However, if you have sensitive work or want to keep a lower profile on the site you can hide your photos from appearing on your profile page and other general areas of the site. You can also hide your images to keep your profile looking fresh or personalised with your favourite work. It is worth noting that your hidden photos will not show up on your awards page.

Where do hidden photos get shown?

Hidden photos you enter into contests can get displayed within the contest you’ve entered, especially if you’ve done well. In most judged only contest (such as our premium Awards) your hidden photo will only be shown if you are given an award by the judge. If the contest has a public Crowd vote then your photo will be rated on as normal and also displayed on the contest page if applicable. Your hidden photo’s result will ONLY be displayed within the context of the contest and not across the rest of the site. For example, hidden photos that do well will not get shown on the awards page of your profile or on the Best photos page.

I can’t seem to favourite my photos anymore

That’s right, being able to hide photos has replaced the ability to favourite your images. You can still personalise your front page by choosing an ordering that best suits your work. Keep it fresh by ordering by the most recently entered or by your most successful to show off your best work. Only public photos will be shown on your profile.

How do I change/reset my password?

If you’re already logged in you can change your password by going to your profile, clicking on ‘Edit profile’, and selecting the 'Account' tab. You’ll be prompted to enter your current password and your new password. Click ‘Save changes’ to save the changes.

If you’re logged out and can’t remember your password, click the ‘Problems signing in?’ link below the sign in button — you can then enter your email address and will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

How do I change the email address associated with my account?

You can change your email address by going to your profile, clicking on ‘Edit profile’, and selecting the 'Account' tab. Once you've changed the email address, you'll need to click 'Save changes'.

How do I delete my account?

We’ll be sad to see you go, but you can close your account by logging in, going to your profile, clicking ‘Edit profile’, and selecting 'Account'. You should see a red button that says ‘Delete your account’. Clicking on this will delete your account and your images.

More Photocrowd information

I love Photocrowd. Can I come and work with you?

Quite possibly. We particularly like people who can build websites, and who can come and work in our lovely office in Oxford, but whatever your skills or hometown, get in touch and tell us what you do.

We want to run a photo contest. Can we do it on Photocrowd?

Quite probably yes! It's an excellent way to get your brand in front of a global audience of photographers, and gives our members another challenge to enter and prizes to be won. Drop an email to and have a chat about it.

No answer?

If you don’t find an answer to your question here, drop us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.