Warm hands and easy access to your dials

Our Gloves keep you toasty warm while you effortlessly operate your camera.

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We help photographers to have long and comfortable photo shoots even in the coldest days of Winter

Vallerret was founded in 2014 by us. Carl van den Boom and Stine Lyng Jørgensen. For us Photography Gloves are the answer to the reoccurring problem of frozen hands, and most of all it’s a way to stay out there for longer during our favourite season.

100 % Merino Wool Liner

Nature’s best weapon against the cold as liner in all our photography glove models.

Easy access to camera dials

You have to be ready to shoot in seconds. We continuously test new ways and designs to improve the functionality.

High performance materials

Quality comes first. We use only durable high performance fabrics to give you the best possible photo session.

Photography Specs

All gloves are optimized for photography with customized photography specs to fit your need.

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