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Holiday cliches

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Social media has turned us ALL into photographers. Often there's the sense that, unless we upload our holiday snaps to Facebook immediately, we've never really been away! Sadly, this often leads to a deluge of photos that are all to predictable... sun-kissed selfies... cocktail boasting... that leaning tower of Pisa shot... we've had enough. In this 48 hour challenge we'd like you to point out the ridiculous in your most cliched holiday shots.

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Crowd-rating only: if your photos earn the admiration of the crowd, you could gain some fantastic exposure on Photocrowd's 'Best images' page and across our social media channels.

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Every photo submitted will be available for the crowd to rate once the submissions period has ended. You can see all the images uploaded to a contest, but will need to rate them to see how they’re ranked once the rating period begins.

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Entries closed
16 October 2016

16 October 2016 to 17 October 2016

Winners announced
17 October 2016

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