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Looking Good in Specs

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This contest is open to photographers ranked between 1 and 250 in this week’s Leaderboard.

Gone are the days when wearing glasses was uncool. Just check out how many people wear glasses with no prescription for a bit of fun and a change of look! If you’ve spent time taking portraits of people in glasses then you’ll know that reflections off the glasses can be an interesting and sometimes infuriating issue to solve. We’re not advising you to pop the lenses out of your subject’s expensive glasses, but it has been known as a solution. This is a portraiture contest where your main subject should be wearing some specs, and should be the main focus of the image, not just some incidental character in a larger scene please.

Ranked Contests are a weekly chance to compete alongside photographers of a similar Leaderboard ranking. Three contests with the same theme run at one time - for photographers ranked 1-250; 251-1000; and 1001+. They open Saturday morning after that week’s leaderboard has been updated, and are open for 5 days. They are Premium Contests, Expert-judged, but with no Crowd vote, so are worth 3x the standard ranking points.

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This contest is expert judged only with no rating by the crowd. You will be able to find out how you did when the judging or rating period has closed.

Entries closed
16 February 2023

16 February 2023 to 24 February 2023

Winners announced
24 February 2023

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