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In March we're going to shoot the world through the windows of buses, cars, trams and trains. Time spent travelling can be a time for reflection, or just daydreaming, watching life go by. Maybe you put your headphones in, read a book, take some time out of your day to relax. But this March it becomes an opportunity to pick up your camera and freeze in time the world of others as it fleetingly interacts with your journey. Our expert this month is the excellent Davy Jones, and the assignment's theme is directly inspired by Davy's own project - 'Ride' - which features images of London shot from the back seats of taxis and cars. Check out his wonderful images for inspiration:

The brief in detail

The main technical challenge to overcome is having a shutter speed fast enough to freeze the scene as you drive past. Put the ISO up as high as it will go without producing too much noise. Use 400 as a minimum but higher if you can. Shoot in Aperture Priority mode (Av or A on your mode dial) and open the aperture wide enough to give you a fast shutter speed, but not so wide that the depth of field becomes too shallow. Try f5.6 as a starting point, but if you're able to then go smaller, to say f8, which will help with focussing. Try manual focus, setting the focus to the average distance for the subjects you're shooting, and keep reviewing your results to see whether they are sharp enough, then adjusting your settings accordingly. What will also help is panning with your camera as you shoot, helping to keep the subject stiller in the frame. As ever, try it, experiment, review the results and gradually hone in on the technique that works best for you.

Prize details

Winners of the expert and crowd votes: 'The Street Photographers Manual' by David Gibson

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1 April 2015

1 April 2015 to 7 April 2015

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7 April 2015

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