What are the contest categories?

There are 8 rounds: 1) Mad About Mono; 2) Setting the Scene; 3) Animal Magic; 4) Perfect Portraits; 5) Small Worlds; 6) Street Life; 7) Whatever the Weather; 8) After Dark.

Who can enter?

The 8 categories are open to Amateur* photographers of all ages and nationalities.

Any entrant under 18 at any point during the awards submissions period (14th March - 25th October 2019) must gain the permission of a parent or guardian to enter the competition. Entrants under the age of 13 during the awards submissions period (14th March - 25th October 2019) are not permitted to enter.

*In this instance, the definition ‘amateur’ refers to a person who earns 10% or less of their annual income from photography or photographic services.

You can find other eligibility criteria here

What are the key dates?

The opening date of Round 1 in the APOY 2019 Awards is Thursday 14th March 2019.

The closing date for entries in Round 8 of the APOY 2019 Awards is midnight (UTC) on Friday 25th October 2019.

The overall winners of the awards will be announced in the 21-28 December 2019 issue of Amateur Photographer magazine, followed by an announcement on Photocrowd.

How many images can I enter?

You can enter up to 4 images in each of the 8 rounds.

1 free entry per round can be obtained via a unique code published in Amateur Photographer magazine during the period in which that round is open. Without the code, you’ll be able to enter a maximum of 3 purchased images per round.

How much does it cost to enter?

The cost is based on the number of images you want to enter. The following entry bundles are available, and entries can be used across any of the 8 main rounds:

1 image - £8
3 images - £21
6 images - £36
24 images - £72

A discount on the price of entry bundles of 5%, 10% or 20% is available for Photocrowd Challenger, Pro or Master subscribers, respectively.

Multiple bundles can be purchased (eg 3 x 1 image bundles = 3 total entries) but the maximum number of entries that can be made across all 8 categories is 32 (3 purchased images + 1 free entry via code per round).

The voucher for one free entry per round is printed each week in Amateur Photographer magazine, which costs £2.99 from most good newsagents and supermarkets. Amateur Photographer magazine is also available in digital format, for your iPad or mobile device: in iTunes, Kindle, Google Play and Zinio. Also available on Readly.

No. The same image can only be entered into one category. And by ‘image’, we mean the same original file – so a manipulated/altered version of the same file can’t be entered in a different category.

Each entry to a category counts as one entry, for the purposes of payment.

Please note, once the submissions period for a round has closed, entries cannot be withdrawn/swapped, and refunds will not be available for images that are ruled out for consideration due to repeated use.

How many times can I enter the awards?

Each photographer can enter the awards once, using one Photocrowd account. More than one image bundle can be purchased, but there is a maximum of 32 images that can be entered by each photographer – 4 into each of the 8 rounds (3 purchased images + 1 free entry via code per category).

Can I withdraw or swap an image once I’ve entered it?

If the awards are still open for entries then at any time you can remove an entered image and enter a different one in its place. Once the deadline for entries has passed, and judging is underway, images cannot be removed or swapped out for other images.

Do I have to sign up to Photocrowd to enter?

Yes, there’s a simple signup process to register on Photocrowd, which will then give you full access to the APOY 2019 Awards.

Can images be taken on a phone?

Yes, images can be taken on any device capable of producing a digital image of sufficient size for entry. For full guidelines on minimum image requirements see the Preparing Your Images page.

Do images have to be taken in the United Kingdom?

No. APOY 2019 Awards is an international competition and you may enter photographs taken anywhere in the world.

Can I enter a photo that has previously won another photo awards?

Yes, you are allowed to enter photos that have won other photo awards previously.

Is there a minimum size for images?

There is a recommended minimum file size of 2500 pixels on the shortest side. Full guidelines on image requirements are provided on the Preparing Your Images page.

Can I submit retouched images?

There are no restrictions on the use of digital manipulation. More information on image requirements are provided on the Preparing Your Images page.

How should I prepare my images for submission?

Full guidelines on image preparation are provided on the Preparing Your Images page.

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