The 4th CEPIC Stock Photography Awards

A free-to-enter competition run to support traditional stock photography and to defend the rights of photographers.


The shortlist has been announced. Check them out below.


Show us the surroundings of living organisms, including natural phenomena, along with beautiful nooks and landscapes - situations that provide us with conditions for development and growth as well as of danger and damage. Keep us on our toes – while admiring the beauty of our planet – by drawing our attention to how natural phenomena can alter the way we see our world.


Don't think “vacation”. While an essential part of living life is to get away, another equally crucial part is to discover. Explore remote lands and unique places. Let us discover their architecture and their ethnic inhabitants. Get to know their cultures and religions, and observe what they eat and how they live. However, don't leave out the familiar and the close by where you can also be creative with new angles and imaginative approaches.


Document people in atypical, ironic or controversial situations. Perhaps someone going at their meal of three gigantic burgers and a side of super-sized, extra-salty fries, accompanied by a diet cola and salad chock-full of fatty dressings. Or, a negligent driver on the highway, talking, messaging or navigating on their cell phone. Don't forget the busy individuals who pay $5 a gallon for gas, only to drive five blocks to the gym where they spend 20 minutes on a stationary bike (while their own bicycles are sitting in the attic collecting dust!).

Bring us the odd and weird, the funny and shocking. And please, forget about the plastic, posed, classical stocky images.


Fewer natural wildlife habitat areas remain each year. Those that remain have been degraded to bear little resemblance to the wild areas which existed in the past. Habitat loss due to degradation and fragmentation is the primary threat to the survival of wildlife. Show us the beauty of what is left, and perhaps, with your powerful images, we just might be able to concern people and governments to work to returning a more significant portion of their natural habitats to the wildlife.


The methodology for conceptual photography is staging to represent an idea. Your 'concept' could be preconceived or spontaneous, and should hopefully be, if successful, understandable. Be persistent in conveying your view, formed in response to current trends in image usage, as determined by researching what the market likes and needs. Ah, and save us from significant image alteration! Be real and authentic, use photography, not image manipulation.

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