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The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation Environmental Photography Award is an annual contest, now in its fourth year, created with the aim of rewarding photographers who put their creativity to good use in raising awareness of the need to protect the environment.

Photographers are invited to reflect on humanity’s relationship with nature, and the interrelation between human health and planetary health.

The award has a prize fund of €11,000, and as well as awarding the title of Environmental Photographer of the Year 2024, thirty six photographs chosen by the Jury will be presented in an international touring exhibition, launching in the Principality of Monaco, as well as in a high-quality photography book.

Exhibition and Tours

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Every year, at the end of the competition, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation presents that year’s Environmental Photography Award at an outdoor exhibition in the Principality of Monaco.

Large-format prints of the shortlisted and winning photographs are displayed in the heart of the tourist centre, conveying to the public the environmental values dear to the Sovereign and the Principality, and raising awareness of the issues.

The exhibition then travels internationally, contributing to the promotion of the Environmental Photography Award and the Foundation.

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Jasper Doest

with ‘Fight to the death’

The 2023 grand prize winner, selected by our prestigious jury of photography professionals, is this heart-rending image showing a scared and defiant elephant that has been struck by a freight train in the Lopé National Park in Gabon. The animal suffered a shattered hip and later died, with its meat being distributed by the park’s director amongst the local community. The train that hit this elephant was carrying manganese, a significant Gabonese export product. It highlights the everyday dangers that human infrastructure creates for wildlife.

For bringing this scene to the world’s attention, photographer Jasper Doest wins a €5000 grant, an invitation including travel and accommodation to the University of Ecuador’s Amazon Research Station in the heart of the Ecuadorian jungle, and an invitation including travel and accommodation to Monaco for the 2023 Award Ceremony.

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Protecting & Progressing Planetary Health

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco very early on promoted the ideal of a new relationship with nature and the various species with which we share our Earth. Aware that we were disrupting all the major planetary balances instead of safeguarding them, thus endangering the future of humanity, and having witnessed firsthand the profound upheavals wrought by the effects of climate change the Sovereign decided to become personally involved through His Foundation in order to amplify His action in favour of the environment.

Launched in 2006, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation has become a leading NGO for the preservation and education of sustainable development on a global scale. For fifteen years, the Foundation has significantly contributed to more than 750 projects focused on three main domains of action – climate change, biodiversity and water, in three priority areas: the Mediterranean basin, the Polar Regions, and the Least Developed Countries.

The global crisis we are facing today urges us to form a new relationship with a nature we thought we dominated, and it shows us that we cannot exist without it. The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation has the strong conviction that together we can positively rise from this crisis. By joining forces, we can create a more sustainable world for the generations to come.

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