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John Mihopulos

Incredible Wildlife

Part of PA2F Environmental Photography Award 2021

Open Rating Results

Showcasing the beauty and variety of the species that inhabit our planet, in their natural habitats.

The ‘Incredible Wildlife’ category welcomes images of all species, whether on land, in the water, or on the wing. This category is a celebration of the breathtaking complexity of the animals that call the Earth their home, and a reminder of why we must fight to protect them.

Imagery submitted to this category does not have to illustrate wildlife that is endangered or in peril, or the focus of conservation efforts. Those images are welcomed in this category, but may also be more suited to the ‘Wildlife in Crisis’ or ‘Reasons For Hope’ categories.

It is important that all images submitted to the Award are accompanied by text explaining what is shown, in as much detail as is available. Edited text will be shown alongside imagery in the Award exhibition and book.

The Award offers a €10,000 prize fund, and exhibition spaces at the the PA2F Environmental Photography Award exhibition in Monaco including a VIP invitation for the overall winner (including travel and accommodation). Shortlisted photographers will be published in the PA2F Environmental Photography Award book.

Prize details

Grand Prize Winner

– The title “PA2F Environmental Photographer of the Year 2021”

– 6,000 €

– VIP invite to Monaco, including travel and accommodation, for the opening of the PA2F Environmental Photography Award exhibition, and including the 15th anniversary celebrations of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

Category Winners

– 1,000 € for each of the 3 category winners

Public Vote Winners

– 500 € for the public vote winner in each category

Shortlisted Photographers

– Featured in the PA2F Environmental Photography Award exhibition in Monaco

– Published in the PA2F Environmental Photography Award book

How it works

Every photo submitted will be available for the crowd to rate once the submissions period has ended. In this contest, the entries are hidden until the rating period begins.

Some contests on Photocrowd also have a judge. After the submission period closes the judge chooses their favourite images and writes some image reviews. The crowd and judge results will be announced on the same day.

Entries close
28 March 2021

28 March 2021 to 15 April 2021

Crowd winners and expert judge shortlist announced
15 April 2021

Expert judge winners announced
30 April 2021

For a more detailed explanation of how rating works, see our FAQs

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To keep photographers anonymous entries are hidden until expert judging has been completed.

Environmental Photography Award 2021