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THIS IS A MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY-ONLY CONTEST. All entries are required to be shot from a phone camera.

ChinaBase Mobile Photo Contest 2019 has been designed as a fun way for people to capture their most precious moments and share them with other people. At the same time we're raising funds for the Traveling Dream Program, a project that supports young people’s travel in China, and helps to make the world a place with less prejudice and discrimination, more patience, understanding and love. Since 2015, we have sponsored 8 people (16-21 years old) from China, Singapore, Denmark, France and Canada.

举办手机摄影大赛的目的是为了让人们通过有趣又轻松的方式记录最难忘的精彩瞬间,并分享给他人,这个活动也是为公益项目 助你实现旅行梦想 筹款。助你实现旅行梦想 旨在能够支持更多的有志青年在中国的旅行,在旅行中认识世界, 增强自信心, 并获得成长;也为让世界减少偏见和歧视,多一些理解和关爱作贡献。自2015年以来,我们先后资助了来自中国,新加坡,丹麦,法国和加拿大的八名16至21岁的青年,完成了他们的旅行梦想。

There is a total of $1300 USD cash prizes to win: $1000 for the panel's winner, and $300 for the community's favourite.

Prize details

1 winner, selected by the jury of international judges, will win a $1000 USD cash prize.

1 winner, voted for by the community, will win a $300 USD cash prize.

How it works

Every photo submitted will be available for the crowd to rate once the submissions period has ended. You can see all the images uploaded to a contest, but will need to rate them to see how they’re ranked once the rating period begins.

Some contests on Photocrowd also have a judge. After the submission period closes the judge chooses their favourite images and writes some image reviews. The crowd and judge results will be announced on the same day.

Entries closed
1 September 2019

1 September 2019 to 16 September 2019

Winners announced
16 September 2019

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