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Intimate Street Through a Window (Black & White)

Created and judged by bruno galle

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In this contest I am looking for black and white candid street photography where a clear human subject is photographed through a glass window. There must be a human subject that is the focal point, and as this is intimate, no crowd shots. Maximum of two people in the scene, although I will accept incidental people in the shot provided they are far in the distance or blurred due to a shallow depth of field. The more your subject takes up the frame because you were close to the subject the better, and please not just because you cropped the image - show me you are fearless street photographer. Entries should be in black and white only. Selective colour or toned images (eg sepia or blue toned) are not allowed. As with all my contests, no homeless, no beggars, no street musicians or street performers.

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17 April 2019

17 April 2019 to 24 April 2019

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24 April 2019

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