Photo: Liu Xinghao / Architect: Safdie Architects

The Architectural Photography Awards 2022 - Winners announced

Congratulations to the winners of The Architectural Photography Awards 2022. As last year we have two Overall winners and two winners in each of the Portfolio and Mobile categories - those selected by our jury and those selected by the delegates of the World Architecture Festival (WAF).

The Architectural Photography Awards 2022 overall winners

Overall Judges' winner

in Buildings in Use

Pocket park, Shanghai, China | Architect: Atelier Archmixing

Overall WAF delegates' winner

in Sense of Place

Jadgal Primary School | Iran

Photos: from the 2021 shortlist

Main category



Images in ‘Exterior’ should show the outside of a building. Consider the form of that building, consider the materials and the quality of light. What is special about it? ​When only one shot of a building is selected for press it is usually the exterior. The challenge for this single exterior shot is for it to define the building.​

Photos: from the 2021 shortlist

Main category



Images in ‘Interior’ should show the inside of a building, effectively communicating the space. Interiors are made up of a series of spaces, punctuated by light and utilised for a purpose.

Photos: from the 2021 shortlist

Main category

Sense of Place


The ‘Sense of Place’ category should show buildings or spaces in their wider context and environment. Illustrate if the building blends or jars with its surroundings. Is the building typical of its location? Is the building in an atmosphere, a mist or rain?

Photos: from the 2021 shortlist

Main category

Buildings in Use


‘Buildings in Use’ images should show occupied buildings and populated exteriors. Each building has a specific purpose and creates areas of activity. These images should combine the activity with the architecture and not distract from it.

Photos: Nee Deyie / Jiaxing Train Station by MAD Architects

Portfolio category

Transport Hubs


4-6 images of the same building. A transport hub is a place where passengers and cargo are exchanged between vehicles and/or between transport modes. Public transport hubs include railway stations, rapid transit stations, bus stops, tram stops, airports and ferry slips and could extend to car parks, cycle and scooter facilities. The judges will be assessing the most powerful collective of between four and six images.

Photos: He Zhenhuan (2018 Mobile category winner) and Richard Bryant (Various)

Mobile category



Images must be taken on a mobile device – phone or tablet.

A bridge is a structure built to span a physical obstacle (such as a body of water, valley, road, or rail) without blocking the way underneath. Ancient or modern they are built to connect.

There are three awards in the competition – the Overall award, the Portfolio category award, and the Mobile category award – with two winners in each.

In the Overall award, the jury's chosen winner will take home $2,000, and the WAF delegates' winner will receive $1,000. The jury's winner will be invited onto the 2023 judging panel.

The jury's Portfolio winner will receive $750, and the WAF delegates' Portfolio winner will win $250.

In the Mobile category, the jury's favourite will win $150, with $100 going to the delegates' choice.

The awards will have exposure via the World Architecture Festival. After two virtual years, we anticipate a live event.

The winners will be announced during The World Architecture Festival, Lisbon, the evening of Friday 2nd December 2022.