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Overall theme: Happiness


Happiness is a universal emotion. It is visibly expressed at weddings, or even funerals to celebrate a past life; friends' reunions; success in work and studies. With this overall theme, we want to see colour, emotion, action and excitement, and all works submitted must be linked to Chinese culture.

The judges are looking for images that lift the spirit. The overall winner will be chosen from eight category winners, including two winners in the 'Street life' category for 13-17 year olds. When choosing the overall winner, our judges will be looking more closely at the composition and technical attributes, as well as for an image that gives a positive feeling.

Happiness does not have to be obvious – it can be subtle and it can be implied.

华夏文化的喜悦形态多彩灿烂无时不在: 婚丧嫁娶均有‘喜’;24节气更是‘喜从天降’;有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎,令人‘喜不自禁’;预祝事业有成便有‘恭喜发财’;庆贺学业有望则有‘喜登高榜’;即便出行远游也有‘喜不思蜀’…… 我们期待看到充满色彩、情感、行动和激情的,并具有“华人文化”元素的精彩作品。




All works submitted must be linked to Chinese culture. Food is at the heart of all activities: eating, growing, harvesting, queuing for and selling food. A staple of life, we put food, however simple, at the core of our experiences. From selecting and preparing produce, to sharing the tastes. Food transcends eating. Encounters that involve a meal are among our most vibrant and indelible.

【美食篇】民以食为天, 食以安为先: 传统中餐闻名于世, 中西合璧的新意美食也层出不穷。舌尖上的美味, 显示智慧和勤劳, 为食的奔忙将人类凝聚在一起。

作品内容可包括: 从生产到制作, 从食堂到夜市等所有与“食”相关的各种生存场景与社会活动。


All works submitted must be linked to Chinese culture. Studying or shipbuilding, learning or teaching, business leaders, farmers and factory workers, our work brings focus to our day and friends to our families. Skills and responsibilities can be passed down through the generations or invented by dedicated students while entrepreneurs promote and utilise advancing new technology. Never before has work been so diverse.

【求知劳作篇】书山有路勤为径, 苦海无涯勤作舟: 华人的求学与勤劳已在世界成为不争之实。

作品内容可包括: 我们期盼收到有关勤学和劳作的摄影作品。求学,创业, 城乡间各种劳作, 以及 庭院内外家务等。


All works submitted must be linked to Chinese culture. Memories triggered by a visit to an old building, an object or photograph. Deep in our hearts and minds places and ‘things’ can evoke a warm nostalgia; they can take us to a period or place with happy personal associations.

【文化遗产及建筑篇】江山留胜迹,我辈复登临: 华夏文明,记载千年万物传承。

作品内容可包括: 古董旧物或古迹非遗, 把今天带入历史的惊奇, 以及担当一些传承弘扬华夏文化的责任,国史家什均可。爷爷的芭蕉扇, 儿时的风筝, 家藏的纪念章, 古代遗址一游的趣影等, 皆受欢迎。


All works submitted must be linked to Chinese culture. What makes you feel peaceful and relaxed? A quiet space? A gentle breeze in the trees? It can be as simple as daydreaming while staring out of a window, or quietly sipping your favourite tea. Share with us your moments of calm.

【禅悟篇】酒阑更喜团茶苦, 梦断偏宜瑞脑香: 禅道是中国文化中融天地合阴阳的生存理念: 通透, 祥和, 省思。

作品内容可包括: 茶艺境界,禅道静物,林中的清风摇曳,或是一缕摄于室内的暖阳。


All works submitted must be linked to Chinese culture. The joy of a reunion. To be separated from the people we love creates an emptiness and longing. Coming together again, to see, to touch, being reunited fills our hearts with delight and our faces with smiles.

【久别重逢篇】相见时难别亦难: 无论是2020年的空前绝后的疫情艰难,还是亲朋离别重逢的悲喜, 自古到今,不曾淡漠。

作品内容可包括: 对家庭和亲人的眷恋,对祖辈的尊拜, 对离别重逢的感慨, 以便向世界展现华人 特有的重逢情感及形体语言。


All works submitted must be linked to Chinese culture. Festivals, Weddings, kites and cakes, decorating and dumplings, fireworks and family. What better time for friends and family to share time. It doesn’t matter if you’re embracing an old tradition or inventing your own. To celebrate is to dress up, to eat well and laugh - a lot.

【普天同庆篇】遍召群神到海东,不知香火普天同:千古华夏文明所衍生的民俗庆典堪称世界一绝, 生老病死,日月节令,开耕安居均有各自的民俗仪典。即便移居他乡所处现代, 祖传节庆仍在普天同庆。

作品内容可包括: 与欢庆相关的各种情景和各类物品,无论是传统的欢庆,还是当今的新形式都可包括在内:打扮起来红艳艳,全家团聚吃饺子,毕业典礼放礼花,贺卡香槟齐祝贺。


This is a special youth category for 13-17 year olds. It is FREE to enter.

All works submitted must be linked to Chinese culture. All of life can be seen in our neighbourhood streets: Its character can change as day turns to night. A meeting place or transit space where the best fashion trends are always spotted, children play and traders encourage us to buy their produce.

The Youth category will have two winners : 1) panel judged 2) crowd judged



(获奖作品2名 – 评委奖 + 群众奖,入围2名)

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