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The 2020 Moment Jury

Stine Heilmann, Prof. Ozan Bilgiseren, Wang Gangfeng

Stine Heilmann

Stine Heilmann worked as an intern for 5 years with one of Denmark’s most successful advertising photographers, Torsten Graae, who was and still is an expert in light setting and aesthetic motives. Her final graduation exam won her 3 awards and 4 prizes. She went to New York, where she worked for 4 years, assisting Annie Leibovitz, Richard Avedon and Mary Ellen Mark. The last 2 years of her stay she worked closely with Mr. Irving Penn. He was her mentor, inspiration and good friend until his death in 2009. In New York she created her own business “Botanic Couture”. The concept was wrapping real shoes in flowers or vegetables. It became hugely popular all over America – all the way to the white house and was her early trademark.

Stine is one of Europe’s most sought after photographers. With the past 6 years of travels around the world, working for large international cooperations as well as successfully entering the world of still photography, her portfolio has become ever more diverse, displaying a powerful, aesthetic and uncompromising approach to the art of photography.

Stine recently designed “Copenhagen wrapped in flowers”, a project that encourages people have hope on life during the pandemic.

Stine is holding workshops and master classes in smart phones as she is keen on people using their mobile phones to photograph with – But if and when they do – they have to do it right.

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Stine Heilmann曾经在丹麦最成功的商业广告摄影师之一,时至今日也是光影审美大师的Torsten Graae身边工作过两年,她优秀的毕业考试作品为她赢得了四枚奖章及三次大奖。在那之后,她去了纽约。在纽约的四年间,她曾做过Annie Leibovitz, Richard Avedon 与 Mary Ellen Mark的助手,除此之外还与Irving Penn先生有过密切的合作,直至Irving Penn先生于2009年去世,这段时间他亦师亦友,为Stine提供了丰富的灵感。在纽约,她创办了属于自己的公司“Botanic Couture”。她的产品的早期标志,是用鲜花与绿叶来作为鞋子的设计理念,这很快就火遍了美国——甚至到了白宫。




Prof. Ozan Bilgiseren

Prof. Ozan Bilgiseren is a Turkish artist whom has been working more than 20 years in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University at Photography dept. as a tutor and he was born in Adana in 1969. He has been lecturing “Portrait” & “Contemporary Art Photography”. He had also given some lectures for Yıldız Technical University and Doğuş University in İstanbul.

Last February 29th 2020 for the first time in Turkey he had organized and coordinated a series of artist talks at MSGSU Sedat Hakkı Eldem Auditorium under the title called “Canon Talks” and he had hosted the show. Ozan Bilgiseren is one of the founding member of FOTON a photographic society whom organizing cultural photographic events such as Photomaraton İstanbul (

Ozan Bilgiseren had been invited in many national and international art events and he had won awards in such photography competitions. Exhibited his individual works at İMA (İstanbul Fashion Academy) at 2010. Many articles had been published of him at Turkish magazines such as: Fotoğraf Dergisi, Photo Digital, PhotoWorld, F and Foto Atlas.

He had worked as a consultant of three photography and one videography books published by National Geographic Turkey and had worked as a visual consultant of cinema movie: “Looser’s Club” directed by Tolga Örnek (2010). He had served in dozens of artistic and photographic competition juries; including 18th Aydın Doğan Prize Jury (2014). Also worked voluntarily for the Nobel priced Turkish scientist Aziz Sancar’s #gisproject as the social responsibility.

Ozan Bilgiseren教授是一位土耳其艺术家,他在Mimar Sinan美术大学摄影系工作了20余年,曾担任了“肖像”与“当代摄影艺术”的讲座教授。他也曾为Yıldız技术大学与Doğuş大学做过讲座。

在今年的2月29日,他第一次在土耳其组织和主持了一系列名为“Canon Talks”的艺术讲坛。Ozan Bilgiseren是摄影学会组织FOTON的创始成员之一,他组织了诸如Photomaraton İstanbul之类的许多摄影文化活动 (。


他曾担任土耳其国家地理杂志出版的3部摄影和1部摄像书籍的顾问,也曾担任由Tolga Ornek导演的电影《Looser’s Club》的视觉顾问。他还曾参加过数十个艺术和摄影比赛的评委。他还自愿参与了获得诺贝尔奖的土耳其科学家Aziz Sancar的工作项目。

Wang Gangfeng

Wang Gangfeng is credited as being the first freelance photographer in China. In 1981 equipped with a second-hand camera and expired film, he set out to capture the everyday images of China that surrounded him. The scenes that he captured represent the daily ebbs and flows of life in China. The subjects of those first photos were the people who lived in his neighborhood. Wang would explore, catching street life, in only the way someone who lived and grew up in the neighborhood could. He was an insider looking in. His success and recognition would start with the publication of his work in the People’s Daily.

As he continued to sell his work and receive private commissions he was able to establish his Gang of One photography studio and thrive in this new environment. Over the next decade his work began to gain international attention. His work became recognized for its ability to document the diversity of the human experience in China. The prestigious Musee de l’Elysee in Switzerland selected 18 of his photos for their permanent collection. Photo Life magazine described him as one of the top 25 photographers. And of particular note, was having his photo selected out of 12 000 other entries to win the Ballantine’s First International Photography Award.

Wang Gangfeng has been the judge of ChinaBase Mobile Photo Contest since 2016. He was also the instructor of our previous “Saigon Photo Adventure”, “Nepal Photo Adventure” and “Myanmar Photo Adventure”.

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王刚锋自2016年起担任ChinaBase手机摄影大赛评委,也是”摄游西贡”, “行摄尼泊尔”和“品摄缅甸”的摄影导师。

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