Expert Profiles

Carl Van Den Boom and Joe Large

Vallerret Co-Founder Carl Van Den Boom and ambassador Joe Large

Carl Van Den Boom

Carl is the co-founder of Vallerret Photography Gloves. Originally from New Zealand, Carl has spent the last decade chasing winter and now lives in Voss, Norway. Carl and his partner Stine started Vallerret Photography Gloves in 2014 as a solution to having perpetually cold hands while shooting in winter.

Joseph Large

Joseph Large is a professional photographer and filmmaker originally hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When not on the road on tour he resides in Breckenridge, CO. He specializes in shooting for/with professional athletes, recording artists, bands, and commercial clients. Some of his recent clients include Pepsi, Newsweek, Men’s Journal, Vail Resorts, Loctite, and Rockford Fosgate.

All images © Carl Van Den Boom and Joe Large