Expert Profiles

Anthony Black

Music Photographer

I'm a former Deputy Headteacher, who took up photography seriously in 2010, when I finished teaching after 33 years in the profession. 

Whilst I’d clicked a shutter thousands of times, I’d never looked at the technical aspects or even thought of doing so, why did I need to?... if I got a photograph I liked, that’s all that mattered. However, upon retiring from teaching, I decided to purchase my first ‘real’ camera… a camera which allowed me to be in control rather than relying on automatic settings.

Since finishing teaching, I've spent much of my time experimenting and learning about photography, trying out many different types, which has resulted in me building a wide ranging portfolio. As I've improved, I've been encouraged by the feedback received from images.

My particular interest is photographing live events, particularly music related. I have been fortunate to have a number of good friends in the live events industry who have provided me with the opportunity to take photographs at many events and I will be forever indebted to them for allowing me to build an extensive portfolio in this field. I specialise in taking ‘big production shots’ taken in the main from ‘front of house’ location mainly in the field of Dance music, thereby involving DJs.

Whilst I have no qualifications in the field of photography, I believe that my portfolio speaks for itself in showing my capabilities, however, I am also a member of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) and am considering pursuing their awards programme. 

Last year I had a photograph selected  for the Royal Photographic Society's IPE 161 Exhibition which toured the UK and Ireland throughout 2019. I obviously felt extremely honoured to be included in such a prestigious exhibition and this has given me added confidence to pursue my dream of becoming a top music photographer.

All images © Anthony Black