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Luke Shadbolt

Photographer & Creative Director

Luke Shadbolt is a celebrated photographer and creative director from North Avoca, Australia. After studying Visual Communication at the University of Newcastle, he freelanced as a Designer/Creative Director for several years before taking up photography professionally. Shadbolt grew up around the ocean and wide open spaces, and enjoys incorporating these natural elements into his photographic practice. Having had the privilege of spending time between remote natural areas and the densely populated built environment has afforded him an empathetic insight into varied sociological behaviour. An ability to illustrate a grand idea on a minimal and intimate scale is what best defines his style and practice. He has recently secured covers of Surfing World and QANTAS magazine and worked with commercial and editorial clients including Audi, Tourism Australia, Michael Kors and National Geographic. He spreads his time across commercial photography, creative direction and fine art photography.

Less is more” - Robert Browning

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