Expert Profiles

BPOTY 2018 judging panel

An experienced and diverse panel of wildlife photographers

Bird Photographer of the Year has assembled a large panel of expert judges to review the images for this year’s competition headed up by Chris Packham, President of the British Trust for Ornithology. The judges come from diverse backgrounds and they have ensured that an emphasis on photography and nature remains at the core. This is to be sure that the judging panel have differing views on what makes a good picture and they are all looking forward to the lively debates that will ensue before the winners are selected!

Headed by Chris Packham, the diverse panel of judges includes wildlife photographers such as David Tipling, Paul Sterry, Andrew Cleave MBE and US-based Brian E. Small; editors Matt Merritt of Bird Watching Magazine and Matt Bennett of Digital Photographer Magazine; Head of Content at Alamy, Alan Capel and many others.

Image © BPOTY 2018 judging panel