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Daniela Bowker

Photographer and writer

Daniela Bowker started taking photos when she was about five years old and writing a little bit before that. After studying ancient history and then training as a teacher, she realised that what she really wanted to do was write. So now that's what she does. You can find her almost-daily commentary on the photography world over at Photocritic and her books in your preferred booksellers.

Daniela's newest book is Social Photography, a gorgeous guide to making the most out of your smartphone's camera and connectivity. It is published by the Ilex Press and is available to purchase as a hard copy book or as a digital download. You might also want to take a look at her Surreal Photography: Creating the Impossible and Composition, which she co-authored with Michael Freeman.

Daniela still teaches too, as she is the Senior Mistress of the Photocritic Photography School. She has a raucous laugh, a mild shoe obsession, and a bicycle called Elspeth

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